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  1. what meds cause depression
    • alpha methyl dopa
    • haloperidol
    • interfeorn
    • steroids
    • anti muscarinic
    • anti nausea
  2. symptoms of atypical depression
    • hypephagia
    • hypersomnia
    • hypersensitivity to rejectionwha
  3. what drugs cause serotonin withdrawal
    • paroxetine
    • venlafaxine
  4. what screening is done before tca start in kids
    cardio work up
  5. serotonin washout period
    no drugs when switching from one antidepressant to another
  6. antidepressant improves sleep
  7. work up to figure out a cause of stroke/tia
    • echo
    • angiogram
    • carotid doppler
  8. ameliordie blocks what inlithium induced diabetes insipidus
    na channels
  9. which one has impaired funciton, grief or bereavenemtn
    adjustment disorder
  10. gad has to last at least how long
    6 months
  11. rx for bipolar with depression
    atypical antispychitic
  12. difference between greif and adjustement disorder
    • grief--loss of a loved one
    • adjustment-- loss of function

    iff criteria for mdd is met then it is mdd
  13. difference between disorganized type of schizo and residual
    • residual-- + symptoms are gone but -ve are not
    • disorganized--disorganized behavior
  14. 2 typical low potency
    • thioridazine
    • chlorpromazine
  15. livedo reticularis are secondary to what 2 conditions
    • cardiac catheterization¬†
    • sle--lupus anticoagulant
  16. rx for opiate withdrawal
    • methadone
    • clonidine
    • antimuscarinic
  17. what is apl?
    what hematological parameter is increased?
    • thrombosis of venous and arterial sites
    • increased aptt
  18. name for clamping of hepatoduodenal ligmant holding portal vein, hepatic artery and common bile duct?
  19. hypercalcemia with high pth, next step in evaluation
    check urine calcium
  20. amoebic vs pyogenic liver abscess vs echinoccocal abscess
    • h/o of travel
    • biliary tract dz¬†
    • dogs
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