ch. 17

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  1. According to the Factory Mutual Research Corporation, about __ of all fires are controlled by the activation of five or fewer sprinklers.
    70 %
  2. Which fixed-temperature device is held in place by a solder with a known melting temperature, that melts under fire conditions, thus triggering the detector?
    Fusible device
  3. Which type of heat detector uses two metals that have different thermal expansion characteristics?
    Bimetallic detector.
  4. Which heat detection device uses a little glass vial containing a liquid with a small air bubble, that is designed to break when the liquid is heated to a predetermined temperature, thus activating the device?
    Frangible bulb.
  5. Which heat detection device is designed to detect heat over a linear area parallel to the detector?
    Continuous line detector.
  6. Which heat detector operates on the principle that the temperature inside a room will increase faster from the fire than from the atmospheric temperature?
    Rate-of-rise heat detector.
  7. Which rate-of-rise detector consists of a small dome-shape air chamber with a flexible metal diaphragm in the base?
    Pneumatic rate-of-rise spot detector.
  8. Typically, rate-of-rise heat detectors are designed to signal when the rise in temperature exceeds __ per minute.
    12 - 15 degrees F.
  9. Which rate-of-rise detector works on the principle that when two or more wires of different metals are twisted together and heated at one end, an electrical current is generated at the other end?
    Thermoelectric detector.
  10. Which detector utilizes a photoelectric cell and a beam of light, as essential components in detecting that a fire may have initiated?
    Visible products-of-combustion detectors.
  11. Ionization detectors areĀ ______ products-of-combustion detectors.
  12. Which detector utilizes a small amount of radioactive material (usually Americium), as an essential component in detecting that a fire may have initiated?
    Ionization smoke detectors.
  13. Detectors that detect light in either the ultraviolet spectrum, or in the infrared spectrum are called -
    Flame detectors.
  14. Firefighters should encourage citizens to change the batteries in their smoke detectors -
    When clocks are changed for daylight savings time and back to standard time.
  15. Which of the following compounds are released from all types of fires?(1) Water vapor (2) Carbon dioxide (3) Carbon Monoxide (4) Hydrogen sulfide (5) Hydrogen chloride
    1, 2, 3
  16. The alarm system in which a municipal alarm circuit extends into the protected property is known as -
    Shunt system.
  17. An alarm system, not interconnected with a municipal alarm system, that transmits the alarm from the protected property directly to the alarm center through a municipally control telephone circuit, best describes
    Parallel telephone system
  18. The auxiliary system that features an alarm system within an occupancy, that is attached directly to a hard-wired or radio-type municipal fire alarm box, best describes
    Local energy system
  19. Alarm signaling systems that maintain their own proprietary center and supervising station that protect large plants and installations are called
    Proprietary systems.
  20. Alarms that go to a public alarm office or fire station via a direct circuit or radio signal, instead of going to a commercial central station are called
    Remote station system
  21. Alarms that go from the protected property to the alarm company, and then are passed to the fire department would be utilizing which of the following systems
    Central station system
  22. Automatic sprinkler systems are very effective because they often extinguish a fire when it is in the
    early growth stage
  23. Automatic sprinkler heads are activated
    When the thermal detector on the head itself is activated by heat
  24. Sprinklers are marked for their temperature rating by all of the following methods except
    With a code number on the deflector
  25. When considering automatic sprinkler heads, which color code represents the "Ultra High" temperature classification?
  26. When considering automatic sprinkler heads, which color code represents an "Ordinary" temperature classification?
    Uncolored or Black
  27. Which of the following is not a commonly used sprinkler head release mechanism?
  28. How are glass bulb released mechanisms coded to designate the breaking temperature?
    The fluid inside the bulb is colored.
  29. Which type of sprinkler sits on top of a pipe and sprays up into the deflector that breaks up the stream and redirects it towards the floor?
  30. Which sprinkler head is used in a small room where the branch line runs along the wall?
  31. Which sprinkler head is the most common type, that extends down from the underside of piping?
  32. There are four common types of water control valves. Which valve has a yoke on the outside with a threaded stem, that controls the opening and closing of the gate?
    OS&Y valve
  33. Which operating valve is located in a remote location in the sprinkler system, and has the same size orifice as one sprinkler head?
    Inspector's Test Valve.
  34. An adequate water supply for a building's sprinkler system should be able to deliver water to the highest sprinkler in the building at a residual pressure of -
    15 PSI
  35. The purpose of a check valve at the fire department connection in a sprinkler system is to -
    Prevent water from the sprinkler system from flowing into the fire department connection.
  36. Fire department sprinkler connections consist of which of the following?
    A siamese with at least two 2 1/2-inch female connectors or one large diameter connection.
  37. Which type of sprinkler system contains water under pressure at all times, allowing the system to immediately discharge when needed?
  38. Areas that are subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees F. are often equipped with which of the following sprinkler systems?
    dry pipe systems
  39. The required air pressure for dry-pipe systems should be __ above the trip pressure.
    20 psi
  40. Under normal circumstances the air pressure gauge in dry-pipe systems will read __ the water-pressure gauge.
    substantially lower than
  41. In large dry-pipe systems, standards require that a quick-opening device be installed that has a water capacity of over
    500 gallons.
  42. Which sprinkler system will only discharge water into the sprinkler piping in response to either smoke or heat detection system actuation, even if pipes are broken
    Preaction sprinkler system.
  43. When a deluge sprinkler system is activated
    Water will be discharged from all open heads within the sprinkler system
  44. Under what circumstances would a sprinkler system require an outside water source to work effectively?
    If there is a large fire in the building or if a pipe breaks.
  45. Connections to sprinkler systems should be made by pumpers that have a capacity of at least -
    1000 gpm
  46. Heat detectors for normal living spaces are rated at -
    165 degrees F.
  47. Heat detectors for attic spaces are rated at -
    200 degrees
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