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  1. carbs and alcohol tend to ______ people
  2. proteins and caffeine tend to ________ in people
    stimulate activities
  3. what factors determine our state of health?
    lifestyle is the highest influence of health at 51%
  4. which factors can we change to be healthy?
    what we eat, how often we eat and how much we will eat
  5. what are functional foods?
    food that provide health benefits beyond their nutrient contributions, such as modified foods or fortified foods.
  6. what are some example of functional foods?
    1-fortified milk with Vit A and D

    2-foods that have been modified to lower fat content
  7. define the word "Diet"
    1-a specific eating plan, usually to loose weight

    2-everything a person eats
  8. why do we eat?
    take hunger away

    for pleasure

  9. what does food provide for us?

  10. what are nutrients?
    chemical substances obtained from food used to provide energy, support growth and repair body tissue
  11. what influences the choices of food we eat?
    1- what's is available to us

    2- what's easy


    4-family and culture

    5-emotional comfort
  12. what are some co-factors that influence what we eat?
    • -media
    • -advertising
    • -social interactions
    • -peer pressure
  13. define genetic disease?
    a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically
  14. define genetic predispostion
    an inherited genetic pattern that makes a person susceptible to certain disease or disorder
  15. what are the 6 classes of nutrients?
    • 1-carbs
    • 2-lipids
    • 3-proteins
    • 4-vitamins
    • 5-minerals
    • 6-water
  16. define chronic disease
    a disease that progresses slowly and last a long time
  17. define acute disease
    a disease that develops quickly, produces sharp symptoms and last a short time
  18. define nutrition
    the science of food and the nutrients and substances they contain and their action within the body including ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism and excretion
  19. define phytochemicals
    non-nutrient compound found in plant-derived foods that have biological activity in the human body
  20. what are macronutrients?
    nutrients which the body needs in large quantities usually in many grams
  21. what are the body's macronutrients?
    Carbs, fats and proteins
  22. what are micronutrients?
    nutrients needed by the body in small quantities usually measured in milligrams or micrograms
  23. what are some examples of micronutrients?
  24. define inorganic
    a substance or molecule that does not contain carbon or pertaining to living things
  25. define organic
    a substance or molecule that contains carbon-carbon bonds or carbon-hydrogen bonds. It excludes diamonds, a few carbon containing compounds that contain a single carbon or no hydrogen such as Co2, calcium carbonate (CaCo3) magnesium carbonate MgCo3 and sodium cyanide (NaCN)
  26. what are essential nutrients?
    nutrients a person must obtain from food because the body cannot produce in sufficient quantities to meet physiological needs
  27. true or false
    are essential nutrients and indispensable nutrients synonymous?
  28. what is energy-yielding nutrients?
    nutrients that break down to yield energy the body can use
  29. what some examples of energy-yielding nutrients?
    • carbs
    • fats
    • proteins
  30. what are non-organics nutrients?
    • water
    • minerals
  31. what are the four organic nutrients?
    • 1-carbs
    • 2-lipids
    • 3-proteins
    • 4-vitamins
  32. define metabolism
    the process by which nutrients are broken down to yield energy for body consumption
  33. what is energy density?
    a measure of energy food provides relative to the amount of food
  34. how many Kcal does 1 gram of Carbs yield?
    4 Kcals
  35. how many Kcals does 1 grams of  fat yield?
    9 Kcals
  36. how many Kcals does 1 gram of protein yield?
    4 Kcals
  37. what are vitamins?
    organic, essential nutrients required by the body in small amounts
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