Perspectives On Personality Chapter 2 definitions

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  1. Case Study
    An in-depth study of one individual
  2. Causality
    A relationship such that variation in on e dimension produces variation in another
  3. Clinically significant
    An association large enough to have some practical importance
  4. Correlation
    A relationship in which two variables or dimensions covary when measured repeatedly
  5. Correlation coefficient
    a numeric index of the degree of correlation between to variables.
  6. Dependent variable
    The variable measured as the outcome of an experiment the effect in a cause-effect relation
  7. Descriptive statistics
    Statistics used to describe or characterize some group.
  8. Experimental Group
    The holding constant of variables that are not being manipulated
  9. Experimental method
    The method in which one variable is manipulated to test for causal influence on another variable
  10. Experimental personality research
    A study involving a personality factor and an experimental factor
  11. Generality (generalizability)
    The degree to which a conclusion applies to many people
  12. Independent Variable
    The variable manipulated in an experiment, tested as the cause in a cause-effect relation.
  13. Inferential statistics
    Statistics used to judge whether a relationship exists between variables
  14. Interaction
    S ginding in which the effect of one predictor variable differs depending on the level of another predictor variable
  15. Main effect
    A finding in which the effect of one predictor variable is independent of other variables.
  16. Multifactor Study
    A study with two (or more) predictor variables
  17. Personology
    The study of the whole person, as opposed to studying only one aspect of the person
  18. Practical significance
    An association large enough to have practical importance.
  19. Random assignment
    The process of putting people randomly into groups of an experiment so their characteristics balance out across groups
  20. Statistical significance
    the likelihood of an obtained effect occurring when there is no true effect
  21. Third-variable problem
    The possibility that an unmeasured variable caused variations in both of two correlated variables
  22. Variable
    A dimension along which two or more variables exist
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