LAW 10 Airspace and Aerodromes

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  1. State Altimeter setting procedures in Auckland oceanic FIR
    • 1013.2 except that:
    • Zone QNH within Rarotonga, Samoa, Norfolk Island.
    • If aerodrome is outside a Zone, use local QNH when below 3000ft withing 10nm of landmass aerodrome is on.
  2. State QNH procedures when operating inside NZ FIR
    1013.2 above FL150

    Zone or local below 13,000

    Change on way up through 13,000 and down through FL150

    If operating in transition zone, use as advised by ATC
  3. State Procedure for altimeter setting before takeoff when QNH is not available
    Set Aerodrome elevation and then get QNH from ATS before entering IMC
  4. State the altitude / flight levels when cruising IFR withing the Auckland Oceanic FIR, and NZ domestic FIR
    Oceanic - odd people fly east to the ocean

    Domestic - ONES is on you.

    degrees include to the left, not to the right.

    VFR + 500ft
  5. What is MFA and what is it the higher of
    Min Flight Altitude

    • Highest of
    •  i) Route Min Safe Alt            MSA
    • ii) Min Reception Alt (VOR)     MRA
    • iii) Min En-route Alt (NBD)      MEA
    • iiii) Dange or volcanic upper limit
  6. What is the altitude accuracy limit for transponders
  7. describe the Vertical limits and purpose of CTRs
    • Must be as small as practical consistent with the need to protect flight path of IFR a/c
    • Encompass airspace not in CTA containing IFR paths arrival and dep
    • Be at least 5nm from center of aerodrome in direction or IFR procedures
    • Must take into account category of a/c likely to use procedures
    • Prominent features should be used to define lateral limits if possible
    • Upper limit above 3000ft must coincide with a VFR cruising level
  8. Describe CTA vertical limits and purpose
    Upper limit must not exceed FL660

    • Lower limit must be
    • i) at least 500ft below flight path of IFR a/c needing ATS service
    • ii)The highest practical altitude
    • iii) not less than 700ft above surface
    • When lower limit is above 3000ft, coincide with VFR cruising level

    If airspace below is another CTA, then they must join in Alt
  9. How far offshore can restricted and Military ops areas be, and who needs permission.

    How long before activation must a notam com out for these areas

    Do you need permission for a Danger Area
    24hours prior a notam must come out unless it's an emergency.

    restricted out to 12nm offshore. - Always need permission

    Military anywhere, but out to 12nm all need permission, any further only NZ a/c need permission

    Permission not needed for a Danger area
  10. State restrictions of Volcanic hazard zones

    • i) night
    • ii) IMC
    • iii) In VMC during day unless PIC deems it safe having read all relevant met data
  11. Where is MBZ and volcanic detail?
    Start of M
  12. RNP Procedures are Where?
  13. Describe aerodrome lighting intensity classifications
    Should be adequate for minimum conditions of viz, and be compatible with the nearest section of the approach lighting system

    Intensity should the controlled so so that all portions of the approach lighting is at compatible intensities to aid pilot vision
  14. Describe runway Edge Lighting (REDL)
    White lights down each side of runway

    Shows red when displaced threshold from approach end

    Can be yellow for last 600m of far end for takeoff
  15. Runway threshold and Wing Bar lights. (RTHL)
    Green lights going across the threshold stretching to outside the edge lighting
  16. Runway end Lighting (RENL)
    At the far end of a runway when taking off or landing , like the edge lighting but the are RED
  17. Runway centre line lights
    • Needed for Cat II and III
    • Cat I with fast a/c
    • Operating RVR 400m or higher runway

    • Coloured white till 900m from end (or from halfway if less than 1800m total)
    • white/Red till 300m from end
    • Red for last 300m
  18. Runway Touchdown Zone Lights
    • From threshold to 900m in or the mid point of the runway
    • White coloured, Showing sets of 3 light either side
  19. Runway end Identifier Lights (REIL)
    Flashing white lights running either side of centre line and finishing about 60m from the threshold
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