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  1. koa
  2. pōuri
  3. pukuriri
    1. (stative) be angry, cross, hostile, furious 2. (modifier) angry, irate, livid.3. (noun) anger, wrath, hostility, enmity.
  4. pukukino
    1. (stative) be grumpy, bad-tempered, angry, volat
  5. wheke
    (stative) be angry, fuming, livid, irate, file, cantankerous, irritble, crabby
  6. riri
    1. (verb) (rīria) to scold, tell off, be angry, annoyed, enraged, furious, 2. (noun) anger, fight, quarrel, rage, wrath, battle.3. (noun) ferocity, violence, aggression
  7. kei riri mai
    don't be angry, my apologies
  8. don't be angry, my apologies
    kei riri mai
  9. whakamataku
    1. (verb) (-tia,-ria) to terrify, scare, frighten.2. (modifier) frightening, scary, terrible.
  10. hopī
    (stative) be terrified, alarmed, frightened, intimidated, panic-stricken, scared, dismayed
  11. mataku
    1. (stative) be afraid, frightened, intimidated, fearful, alarmed.2. (noun) dread, fear.
  12. mārohirohi
    1. (stative) be hard, strong, brave, of strong character, resolute, determined, tenacious. 2. (noun) strength, power
  13. marohi
    1. (verb) to propose, recommend.2. (stative) be strong, brave, hard, resolute, determined, tenacious
  14. māia
    1. (stative) be brave, bold, capable, confident.2. (noun) bravery, courage, brave warrior, confidence, endurance, fellow.
  15. ngana
    1.(verb) to be eager, strive, persist.2. (stative) be obstinate, persistent, strong, brave.
  16. mehameha
    1. (stative) be weak, limp, lacklustre. 2. (stative) be lonely, solitary, lonesome, isolated, forlorn
  17. mokemoke
    (stative) be lonely, solitary
  18. mōrearea
    1. (stative) be apprehensive, alarmed, in a crisis, exposed to danger. 2. (stative) be lonely, sorrowful. 3. (modifier) exposed to great danger. 4. (noun) crisis, dilemma, danger, emergency, predicament, trouble, alarm.
  19. ongeonge
    1. (stative) be scarce. 2. (stative) be lonely.3. (noun) loneliness.
  20. aroaroā
    (stative) be lonely, sorrowful, friendless, forlorn
  21. whakamā
    1. (verb) to whiten. 2. (stative) be ashamed, shy, bashful, embarrassed.
  22. māteatea
    (noun) shame, distress, disgrace, scandal, embarrassment.
  23. āwangawanga
    1. (stative) be uneasy in mind, disturbed, worried, anxious, distressed 2. (noun) distress, concern
  24. āmaimai
    (stative) be nervous, tense, anxious, jittery, edgy, jumpy, uneasy
  25. anipā
    (stative) be anxious
  26. manaka
    (stative) be apprehensive, anxious
  27. manawapā
     1. (stative) be apprehensive, anxious, have misgivings, loth, reluctant 2. (noun) concern, apprehension, unease, anxiety, misgiving, disquiet, trepidation, worry, distress.
  28. manawarū 
    (stative) be anxious, fidgety, delighted, enraptured, ecstatic.
  29. māharahara
    1. (verb) (-tia) to think frequently of, think about 2. (stative) to be anxious, preoccupied, worry.3. (noun) anxiety, worry.
  30. awhero
    1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to hope for, desire. 2. (noun) hopes, desires.
  31. tūmanako
    1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to hope for, wish for.2. (noun) desire, hope, wish.
  32. manahau
    1. (stative) be cheerful, elated, exultant
  33. hākoakoa
    1. (stative) be happy.2. (noun) brown skua,
  34. hari
    1. (stative) be happy, delighted, glad. 2. (noun) joy, happiness, elation, euphoria, gladness, delight, joyfulness.
  35. uruhau
    (stative) be happy, contented, pleased, glad.
  36. rekareka
    (stative) be pleasant, enjoyable, fun, happy, rapt, overjoyed, delighted
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