Growler Prohibited

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  1. Prohibited Maneuvers
    Flight in lightening or thunderstorms
  2. Prohibited Maneuvers
    • 1. T/O with a FADEC DEGD (dual chnl lineouts)
    • 2. T/O with a FCS A or FCS B DEGD
    • 3. Pulling any FCS C/B inflight except as directed by NATOPS
    • 4. Use of RALT mode below 500 ft AGL
    • 5. Landing with autopilot modes engages except for the following:
    • -Mode 1 ACL
    • -Field landings with FPAH/ROLL engaged
    • 6. T/O and ldg while using any Laser Eye Protection (LEP) device
    • 7. Selection of MAN with the ECS MODE switch
    • 8. Selection of AEA PRECOOL mode
    • 9. Flight in RVSM controlled airspace with any of the following:
    • -Mach >.90
    • -AOA>15*
    • -Load factor >1.5g
    • -initial engagement of BALT when Mach >.90
    • -BALT not engaged when level at assigned alt
    • -refueling probe extended
    • -GAIN ORIDE selected
    • -suspected AOA or pitot-static probe damage
    • -baro altitude displayed with an "X"
    • 10. Inflight MI of FCC (Unit 14 or 15) ADDR > 6 digits
  3. Departure / Spin
    • 1. Zero a/s tailslides
    • 2. Intentional departures / spins
    • 3. Yaw rates over 40*/sec (yaw tone)
    • 4. Holding roll inputs (lateral stick or rudder pedal) past 360* of bank angle change
    • 5. Inflight selection of RCVY on the SPIN switch. 
    • WARNING: Selection of manual spin recovery mode (SPIN switch in RCVY) seriously degrades controllability and prevents revocery from any departure or spin.
  4. Fuel and Engine Oil
    • 1. Zero g except transient (over 2 seconds between +0.2 and -0.2g)
    • 2. Negative g for more than 10 seconds (30 seconds required between negative g maneuvers)
  5. Flutter
    • Flight w/o LAU-127 wingtip launcher rails. The launchers on both station 1 and 11 shall be either: 
    • -LAU-127 A/A or B/A (with power supply and nitrogen bottle installed) or
    • -LAU-127 C/A (with power supply and High Pressure Pure Air Generator (HiPPAG) unit installed.
  6. Flying Qualities
    • 1. Single-ship take-offs with 90* crosswind component over 30 knots.
    • 2. Section takeoffs with any of the following conditions:
    • -90* crosswind component over 15kts.
    • -Asymmetric loading over 9000 ft-lb not including windtip missiles or pods.
    • -Dissimilar loading except pylons, FLIR, LDT, fuselage missiles, wingtip missiles or pods, CVERS, MERS, or TERS.
    • 3. Flight with GAIN ORIDE selected above 10* AOA or above 350 KCAS (flaps AUTO), 200 KCAS (flaps HALF), or 190 KCAS (flaps FULL).
    • -WARNING: With GAIN ORIDE selected (fixed FCS gains), the aircraft is uncontrollable above approximately 450 KCAS.
    • 4. Single-ship landings with 90* crosswind component over 30 knots.
    • 5 Section landings with 90* crosswind component over 15 knots.
    • 6. Aerobraking on landing rollout with crosswind greater than 5 knots, pitch attitude greater than 10 degress, airspeed less than 80 KCAS, GAIN-ORIDE selected, FCS AIR DAT caution or FLAP SCHED caution.
  7. Prohibited Maneuvers
    • 1. Field full stop, FCLP, or T&G with lens settings greater than 3.25*.
    • 2. Carrier arrestment or T&G with lens settings greater than 4*.
    • 3. Flight above 650 KCAS and below 18,000' MSL.
    • 4. Holding lateral stick inputs past 180* of bank angle change when pushing between 0.0 and -1.0g.
    • 5. Abrupt, full aft stick inputs (full aft stick in less than 0.5 sec) with less than 3500 lb fuel.
    • 6. Any rudder input when aircraft load factor is more negative than -1.2g.
    • 7. Use of yaw trim to generate sideslip (drive ball from center).
    • 8. For approved lateral weight asymmetric configurations from 16000 to 26000 ft-lb, the carriage limitation is:
    • -airspeed limited to 550 KCAS or 0.95 IMN.
    • -Symmetric maneuver Nz limits: -1.0 to +7.5g.
    • -Rolling maneuver Nz limits:
    •     +0.5 to +4.5g
    •     +0.5 to +6.0g with < 11000' or <0.82 IMN
    •     pedal inputs limited to smooth.
    • 9. Lateral and directional trim limitations. Use of lateral and/or directional trim in combination with lateral stick inputs above certain airspeeds may result in the exceedance of aircraft structural load limitations due to aircraft imbalance and their associated limitations. These are in addition to existing limitations for the basic aircraft and any store peculiar limitation. Air to ground limitations are for any configuration with wing EFT or wing carried air to ground store.
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