Control Structures 2

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  1. 1. Describe the main
    reactor control tasks.
    2. Draw the script reactor and discuss pros and cons.
    3. Describe some indirect heat exchange problems.
    4.  Typical reactor
    constraints from the point of view of a control scheme
    we have a pump around cooling reactor
  2. How to adopt heat
  3. Problems in reactor
    temprature control
  4. Describe basic
    reactor temperature control structures.
    Use the printouts.
    discuss the schemes and related cases
    • 1.HT medium flow through
    • 2.HT medium re-circulation
    • 3. Cascaded control with split range
    • 4. External cooling
    • 5. evaporation cooling re-circulation
  5. Reactor pressure
    control structures
    Use the printouts.
    pressure controlled feeding and discharging.
  6. Standard control
    loops for chemical reactors
    • 2 feeds
    • mixer
    • level
  7. What problems may occur in a reactor with heating and cooling maintained by a SISO PID controller.
    or limitations of a linear SISO control
  8. Describe various
    control switching logics?
    also describe the logic in their usage
    • controller selection
    • measurement selection
    • controller error selection
    • input variable selection
  9. Describe startup
    logic. diagram and logic behind its usage.
    exemplify with a semi batch reactor
  10. Noise compensation
    and filtering. explain with diagram and gas fired Oven. give pros and cons. what is special about this controller?
    • Diagram control scheme -  general
    • Gas fired oven connected to a network. how to account for valve behavior.
  11. Noise compensation
    and filtering if disturbance can be measured
  12. Noise filtering
    1. level control
    2. distillation control
    3. concentration control
  13. Describe a set
    point filter
  14. feed forward for
    set point filter
  15. describe ratio
    control with example
  16. describe cascade
    control with example
    heating cooling in a jacketed reactor
  17. describe the scheme
    for a SIMO process
  18. SIMO process
    example - Hot spot in a tubular reactor
    It uses a switching logic
  19. SIMO process
    example - Pressure compensated 
    Temprature in a distillation column
    it uses a value based feed forward
  20. SIMO plant for
    parameter estimation  diagram and
    Heat flow control
  21. SIMO plant for
    switching control -limit and exception control(over ride control)
    quality control with pressure over ride in a reactor
  22. describe the scheme
    for a SIMO process
  23. MISO plant-
    supporting input and example
    switching of different heating elements
  24. MISO plant- split
    range control with 2 examples
    • reactor temperature control
    • column pressure control
  25. MISO plant- mixed
    value control
  26. describe the scheme
    for a MIMO process
  27. MIMO plant
    P-canonical structure and example
    explain canonical structure with distillation heuristic of decoupling the dynamics
  28. describe multiple
    single control or decentralized control
  29. Explain with an
    example the stability issues with decentralized control
    • distillation column
    • automatic and manual controller under decentralized control
  30. Loop pairing scope
    and methods
    strength and weaknesses
    • n variable system has N alternatives
    • methods
    • total 5
  31. Decoupling feed
    back control
    and problems
    diagram in p canonical structure
  32. Decoupling control in a column
    distillation column automatic and manual controller under decoupled p canonical structure
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