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  1. List the disavantages of Telephone Interviewing:
    • 1) Lack of control over what is going on around the suspect
    • 2) Suspect may be in supportive environment
    • 3) Difficult to establish rapport over the phone with an Individual they have never met.
    • 4) Development of additional Admissions may be difficult to obtain.
    • 5) Being limited in their interpretation of the Suspects behaviour.
  2. List the advantages of Telephone Interviewing:
    • 1) Perception that if the issue was so serious, the Interviewer would have come in person.
    • 2) A more experienced Interviewer cna be assigned to deal with cases he is not geopgraphically in a position to resolve.
    • 3) The perception of intimacy - over the phone allows that voice to be much closer than it would face to face. The intimacy can be increased by moving from speakerphone to picking up the handset as the conversation continues.
    • 4) When talking on the phone, most people actually move into a more submissive posture.
    • 5) Limited legal liability regarding whether or not the individual was restrained or in custody.
    • 6) Savings on travel time and expenses.
  3. When is Telephone Interviewing appropriate?
    • 1) When an Individual is "caught in the act".
    • 2) When the case is smaller and less complex
    • 3) To conduct fact gathering interviews with witnesses.
  4. What technique is employed to ensure that the Suspect is listening carefully during a telephone interview?
    Using question that require a short reposnse from the Suspect helps the Interrorgator monitor the individuals attention to what is being said.
  5. What Interview preperation should be applied when condcuting a Telephone Interview?
    The Interrorgators room setting should be quiet and devoid of any unecessary distractions.
  6. What precautions should be taken when a witness is going to be present with the Suspect? 
    They should be prepped in the same manner as one would for a face-to-face interview/interrorgation.
  7. What is different about the first admission during a telepohne interview and why?
    The first admission is generally going to occur slightly earlier than it would in a face-to-face interview/interorrgation. Instead of between 15-45 minutes, it is most likely to occur between 7 & 10 minutes. This is because taking on the phone is something that most people are quite comfortable doing, even with strangers.
  8. What drawback is uniqiue to Telphone Interviews when developing the admission?
    The same strategies used to develop an admission face-to-face are used, however it is more difficult to develop an admission over the phone than in person; more so if the Interrorgator elected to use a direct accusation focusing on what specifically was known. 
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