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  1. Outline the structure of a fact gathering interview:
    • 1) Establish rapport
    • 2) Observe behavioural norms
    • 3) Obtaining an untainted narrative
    • a) Use the opening of the cognitive Interview
    • b) Ask the Subject to tell the story from begining to end, providing him with the statring and ending point for the narrative.
    • c) Have the Subject begin the narrative earlier than the point of interest in order to allow the Subject to essentially warm up to the story.
    • d) Listen to the untainted narrative by the subject and should avoid interrupting if at all possible.
    • e) Take brief notes at this point, but pay significant attention to the Subjects body language and verbal cues offered during the story.
  2. List the types of lies:
    • 1) Denial (Direct)
    • 2) Omission
    • 3) Fabrication
    • 4) Minimization
    • 5) Exageration
  3. Terms that may indicate an assumption include:
    • 1) Might be
    • 2) Usually
    • 3) We always
    • 4) Probably
    • 5) Generally
  4. What terms (qualifiers) indicate to the Interrorgator that further questioning may be required?
    • 1) Probably
    • 2) Basically
    • 3) That's it
    • 4) About
  5. Once the untainted story has been obtained, what technique might the Interviewer choose to assess the subjects truthfulness?
    Behavioural Interview
  6. If the Interviewerdoubts the truthfulness or completeness of the Subjects untainted story or alibi, what actions should he take? 
    • 1) Ask for the story to be retold - listening for changes, additions or deletions.
    • 2) Test the Subjects memory by asking him to begin the story either forward or backward from a particualr point selected by the Interviewer; which is often stressful for the deceptive Subject.
  7. What is the Cognative Interview?
    A Method of interviewing designed to enhance interviewees' information recall. It has been found to enhance both the quantity and quality of recalled information.
  8. What are the phases of the Enhanced Cognative Interview?
    • Phase 1) Initial contact and establishment of rapport
    • Phase 2) Initial information-gathering phase
    • Phase 3) Initial questioning and probing
    • Phase 4) Advanced questioning and retrival attempts, - including the use of "reverse order recall" and "change perspective techniques".
    • Phase 5) Summary and conclusion
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