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  1. Name 2 common forms of sexual harrassment?
    • 1) Quid pro quo - "when there is a disparity in power bewteen a supervisor and subordinate"
    • 2) Hostile Environement - No tangible exchange of benefits is sought, this is where an employees performance is being affected because of offensive or intimidateing work environment.
  2. List the examples and motivational dynamics of sexual harrassment.
    • Level / Behaviour / Driver
    • 1 / Risque jokes, cartoons / Misplaced humour
    • 2 / pin-ips, sexual photos, leering / Sexual arousal and fantasy
    • 3 / flirting, propositions / Sexual satisfaction (Projection of abusers view onto Victim)
    • 4 / Toouches, threats (implicit & explicit) / Power, control (Projection of abusers view onto Victim)
    • 5 / Peeping, exposure, rape, murder / Power, control, anger (Fantasy / Ritualistic behaviour)
  3. When is the victim of the alleged harrassment interviewed?
    • First and last person.
    • The Interviewer should also inform the Vicitm that the results of the investigation will be reviewed with them.
  4. What should an Interviewer be aware of when interviewing the Harasser?
    Rationalisations / Themes may be useful depending on the suspects motivation for the sexual harassment.
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