Croatian regular verbs in the JETI group - day 6, Croaticum

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  1. voljeti
    to love
  2. volim
    I love
  3. voliš
    you love
  4. voli
    he, she, it loves
  5. volimo
    we love
  6. volite
    you, You love
  7. vole
    they, they, they love
  8. željeti
    to list
  9. želim
    I list
  10. želiš
    you list
  11. želi
    he, she, it lists
  12. želimo
    we list
  13. želite
    you, You list
  14. žele
    they, they, they list
  15. živjeti
    to live
  16. živim
    I live
  17. živiš
    you live
  18. živi
    he, she, it lives
  19. živimo
    we live
  20. živite
    you, You live
  21. žive
    they, they, they live
  22. letjeti
    to fly
  23. letim
    I fly
  24. letiš
    you fly
  25. leti
    he, she, it flies
  26. letimo
    we fly
  27. letite
    you, You fly
  28. lete
    they, they, they fly
  29. štedjeti
    to save
  30. štedim
    I save
  31. štediš
    you save
  32. štedi
    he, she, it saves
  33. štedimo
    we save
  34. štedite
    you, You save
  35. štede
    they, they, they save
  36. vidjeti
    to see
  37. vidim
    I see
  38. vidiš
    you see
  39. vidi
    he, she, it sees
  40. vidimo
    we see
  41. vidite
    you, You see
  42. vide
    they, they, they say
  43. smršavjeti
    to diet
  44. smršavim
    I diet
  45. smršaviš
    you diet
  46. smršavi
    he, she, it diets
  47. smršavimo
    we diet
  48. smršavite
    you, You diet
  49. smršave
    they, they, they diet
  50. šutjeti
    to be quiet
  51. šutim
    I am quiet
  52. šutiš
    you are quiet
  53. šuti
    he, she, it is quiet
  54. šutimo
    we are quiet
  55. šutite
    you, You are quiet
  56. šute
    they, they, they are quiet

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Croatian regular verbs in the JETI group - day 6, Croaticum
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Croatian verbs

Croatian regular verbs in the JETI group - day 6, Croaticum
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