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  1. Authorize
    v.-to give power or authority to
  2. Preserve
    v.-to keep doing something in spite of difficulties
  3. Prevaricate
    v.-to lie, to tell an untruth
  4. Reminised
    v.-to recall one's past thoughts, feelings, or experiences
  5. Scour
    v.-to clean or polish by hard rubbing
  6. Affluence
    n.-wealth, riches, prosperity
  7. Arrears
    n., pl.-unpaid or overdue debts
  8. crotchety
    adj.-cranky, ill-tempered
  9. jovial
    adj.-good humored, in high spirits
  10. impassable
    adj.- blocked so that nothing may go through
  11. sinister
    adj.- appearing evil or dangerous
  12. discretion
    n.-good judgement
  13. liberate
    v.- to free from bondage or domination
  14. optional
    adj.-not required
  15. saunter
    v.-to walk in a leisurely, easy way
  16. engulfed
  17. formulate
    v.-to devise, invent
  18. panorama
    n.- a wide, unobstructed view of an area
  19. pry
    v.- to pull loose by force, to look at closely of inquisitively
  20. ambled
    v.- to walk slowly; stroll
  21. inevitable
    adj.- sure to happen
  22. prevailed
    v.- to suceed
  23. thrivve
    v.-to grow vigorously
  24. titanic
    adj.-of enormous size, strength
  25. valiant
    adj.-possessing or acting with bravery or boldness
  26. Including being and WILL and not including 'are helping verbs', how many words are in the song?

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