Algebra 1 vocab ch 1 - 5

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  1. a letter that is used to represent one or more numbers
  2. a collection of numbers, variables and operations
    variable expression
  3. numbers
  4. Replacing each variable in an expression by a number is called
    evaluating the expression
  5. writing the units of each variable in a real life problem
    unit analysis
  6. translating words into mathematics
    verbal model
  7. the number of times the base is used as a factor
  8. indicate the order in which the operations should be performed
    • grouping symbols
    • parentheses and brackets
  9. mathematicians have established these to evaluate a expression involving more than one operation
    order of operations
  10. formed when an equal sign is placed between 2 expressions
  11. an equation that contains one or more variables
    open sentence
  12. when variables are replace with numbers and the statement is true
    solution of an equation
  13. finding all the solutions of an equation
    solving the equation
  14. a type of open sentence
  15. number that produces a true statement when it is substituted for the variable in an inequality
    solution of an inequality
  16. writing algebraic expressions, equations, or inequalities that represent real life situations
  17. expression, equation or inequality
    mathematical model
  18. information, facts or numbers that describe something
  19. a way to organize data
    • bar graph
    • line graph
  20. a rule that establishes a relationship between 2 quantities called the input and output
  21. a table that lists inputs and outputs
    input-output table
  22. collection of all the input values
  23. collection of all the output values
  24. point labeled 0 on number line
  25. negative, 0, or positive number
  26. the point that corresponds to a number is the
    graph of the number
  27. drawing the point
  28. 2 points that are the same distance from the origin but on opposite sides of the origin are
  29. speed and direction
  30. to prove that a statement is false you need to show that it is not true for only one example, called a
  31. rectangular arrangement of numbers into rows and columns
  32. each number in a matrix is called
    entry or element
  33. the factors are distributed to each term of the sum
    distributive propertiy
  34. in a term that is the product of a number and a variable, the number is the what of the variable
  35. terms in an expression that have the same variable raised to the same power
    like terms
  36. allows you to combine like terms that have variables by adding coefficients
    distributive property
  37. when all like terms have been combined and no grouping symbols are left
    simplified expression
  38. for every real number except 0 there is a
  39. the product of a number and its reciprocal is one
    inverse property of multiplication
  40. measure of likelihood that an event will occur
  41. different possible results of probability
  42. a collection of outcomes in probability
  43. the outcomes for an event you wish to have happen
    favorable outcomes
  44. probability based on repetitions of an actual experiment
    experimental probability
  45. number of favorable outcomes divided by the number of unfavorable outcomes
  46. a different equation with the same solution as the original equation
    equivalent equations
  47. each time you apply a transformation to an equation, you are writing a
    solution step
  48. an equation where the variable is raised to the first power and does not occur in a denominator, inside a square root or inside absolute value symbols
    linear equation
  49. the transformations used to isolate the variable are based on what property
    properties of equality
  50. two triangles that have equal corresponding angles
    similar triangles
  51. 2 quantities measured in the same units
    ratio of a to b
  52. an equation that is true for all values of the variable
  53. an algebraic equation that relates 2 or more real life quantities
  54. 2 quantities measured in different units
    rate of a per b
  55. a rate per one given unit
    unit rate
  56. formed by 2 real number lines that intersect at a right angle
    coordinate plane
  57. each point in the plane corresponds to an __________ of real numbers
    ordered pair
  58. first number in ordered pair
    x coordinate
  59. second number in an ordered pair
    y coordinate
  60. graphing pairs of data on a coordinate axis
    scatter plot
  61. an ordered pair that makes the equation true
    solution of equation
  62. the x coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the x axis
    x intercept
  63. the point where graph crosses y axis
    y intercept
  64. the number of units a line rises or falls for each unit of horizontal change from left to right
  65. compares 2 different quantities that are changing
    rate of change
  66. 2 quantities that vary directly
    direct variation
  67. y=mx+b is written in
    slope-intercept form
  68. any set of ordered pairs
  69. the value of f at x or f(x)
    function notation
  70. set of all points where x is in the domain of the function
    graph of a funciton
  71. if there is no single line that passes through all the data points
    best fitting line
  72. when points on a scatter plot can be approximated by a line with positive slope, x and y have a
    positive correlation
  73. when points can be approximated by a line with negative slope, x and y
    have a negative correlation
  74. when the points cannot be well approximated by a straight line
    relatively no correlation
  75. y-y1 = m(x-x1)
    point-slope form
  76. Ax+By=C
    standard form of the equation of a line
  77. a method of estimating the coordinates of a point that lies between 2 given data points
    linear interpolation
  78. method of estimating the coordinates of a point that lies to the right or left of all the given data points
    linear extrapolation
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