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  1. The spinal cord is part of the
    central nervous system
  2. The ________ is a strand of fibrous tissue that provides longitudinal support as a component of the coccygeal ligament.
    filum terminale
  3. The spinal cord consists of five regions and ________ segments.
  4. The ventral root of a spinal nerve contains
    axons of motor neurons
  5. If the dorsal root of a spinal nerve is severed,
    sensory input would be blocked.
  6. The spinal cord continues to elongate until about age
    4 years
  7. Blood vessels that supply the spinal cord run along the surface of the
    pia mater.
  8. What is the innermost meningeal layer?
    pia mater
  9. Which of the three gray-matter horns contain somatic and visceral sensory nuclei?
    posterior gray horn
  10. What structure contains axons of somatic motor and visceral motor neurons?
    ventral root
  11. The white matter of the spinal cord is mainly
    myelinated and unmyelinated axons
  12. The posterior horns of the spinal cord contain mainly
    sensory nuclei.
  13. Nerve tracts or fasciculi make up the
    white columns.
  14. The outward projections from the central gray matter of the spinal cord are called
  15. Axons crossing from one side of the spinal cord to the other within the gray matter are found in the
    gray commissures
  16. The white matter of the spinal cord contains
    bundles of axons with common origins, destinations, and functions
  17. The postganglionic fibers that connect an autonomic ganglion in the thoracic or lumbar region with the spinal nerve and contain postganglionic fibers that innervate glands in the body wall or limbs are
    gray rami communicantes
  18. The ventral rami of spinal nerves C5 to T1 contribute fibers to the ________ plexus.
  19. The layer of connective tissue that surrounds a fascicle within a peripheral nerve is the
  20. A viral disease that destroys the cells of the anterior gray horn will
    lead to skeletal muscle weakness or paralysis
  21. The ________ nerve, which arises in the cervical plexus, innervates the diaphragm.
  22. The reflex that prevents a muscle from exerting too much tension is the ________ reflex.
  23. The ________ reflex complements the flexor reflex by activating contralateral muscles.
    crossed extensor
  24. Tina falls while climbing a tree and lands on her back. Her frightened parents take her to the emergency room, where she is examined. Her knee-jerk reflex is normal and she exhibits a plantar reflex (negative Babinski reflex). These results suggest that
    Tina suffered no damage to her spinal cord.
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