Process Simulation, OTS and MES

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  1. basic principles of
    process simulation
  2. simulation in the
    process life cycle
  3. what does numerical
    simulation for online applications mean?
    draw the simple diagram with generalized formula.
  4. what are the
    requirements of an numerical simulation in an online context
  5. what should be the
    possible modes for online simulator and what target should those achieve
  6. how is process
    ismulation and process control related and how do they comprise typical
    features expected of a simulation
    matrix diagram
  7. motivation of
    simulation based training
    • 1.highly efficient and realistic operator training
    • commissioning and start up at the push of a button
    • 3.sustainable process optimization after commissioning
    • 4.sustainable integration into plant training concept
  8. describe with a
    diagram process simulation portfolio
  9. describe various
    training simualtors with key technical features
  10. describe with a
    diagram the training simulator concept
  11. describe with a
    diagram the training simulator system architecture
  12. what scenarios and
    malfunctions can be simulated for an operator 
    .give an example
    distillation column with a fan cooler
  13. list out some
    miscellaneous benifits of  a training
  14. define ERP. Which
    layer does the MES belong to?
  15. Define MES
  16. give functionality
    of MES with a diagram and then another diagram for example
    • 6 in all
    • script bubble diagram 
    • lego diagram
  17. Explain MES in
    action wrt to an exxample.
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