six sigma

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  1. classify SPC. What
    does it mean ?what can it assist?what does it not mean?
  2. what are the errors
    that occur while handling process data.
  3. define special
    causes and common causes and draw the s bahn diagram and keep it as fig 1
  4. differentiate
    between SPC and APC
  5. define a gauss
    curve. How does it apply to the s bahn example. How is alarm limit put on
    basis of this curve?
  6. define and
    differentiate accuracy and precision
  7. define limits used
    in process industries. Exemplify with s-bahn and ICE.
  8. define Cpk. Give
    with example short long and medium.what is a good cpk and why?
  9. diagramatically
    describe a control chart. Give 2 examples of process inspec but uncontrolled
    and process on spec and in control
  10. diagramatically
    describe a control chart with the definition of an alarm limit
  11. diagramatically
    describe a CUSUM chart.
  12. diagramatically
    describe a dynamic control chart.  With
    an example describing that process is ok if dynamic charts are used
  13. describe an
    application of control charts to monitoring a fermentor fed with oxygen
  14. how to improve a
    process using 6 sigma?
  15. what is 6
    sigma?give key features. Draw a diagram and explain with an example.
  16. goals and
    objectives of 6 sigma.
  17. charcteristics of 6
  18. what is DMAIC
    methodology? Explain with a flow diagram and real life examplle of car fuel
  19. approaches to
    process improvement.
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