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  1. κατασκευάσει
    kataskeuazw - to prepare, put in readiness
  2. ετοιμασατε
  3. τριβους
    tribos - a beaten track, road, highway
  4. ευθειας
    euthus - straight (alt. meaning)
  5. ζωνη
  6. οσφυν
    osphus - loins
  7. αγριον
    agrios - from the field, wild, fierce raging. Not to be confused with agros - a field.
  8. κυψας
    Kuptw - I stoop down, bend forwards
  9. ιμαντα
    'imas - a strap or thong of leather
  10. υποδηματων
    'upadhma - anything bound under, a sandal
  11. περιστεραν
    peristera - a dove, pigeon
  12. ευδοκησα
    eudokew - to take please, approve of, take delight
  13. αλιεις
    'alieus - a fisherman
  14. Δευτε
    come, come now
  15. δικτυα
    diktuon - net
  16. προβας
    probainw - to go forward, procede
  17. μισθωτων
    misthwtos - hireling
  18. εξεπλησσοντο
    ekplhssw - pr. to strike out strike out of one's wits, to astound, amaze
  19. επετιμησεν
    epitimaw - pr. to set a value upon, to reprove, chide, censure, rebuke, reprimand
  20. Φιμωθητι
    fimow - to muzzle, to silence
  21. σπαραξαν
    sparassw - pr. to tear, lacerate, agitate greatly, convulse, distort
  22. εθαμβηθησαν
    thambew - to be astonished, amazed
  23. συζητειν
    suzhtew - to seek, ask, or inquire with another, to deliberate, or debate, argue, reason
  24. πανταχου
    in all places, everywhere
  25. πενθερα
  26. κατεκειτο
    katakeimai - to lie (down)
  27. πυρεσσουσα
    puressw - to be feverish
  28. εδυ
    dunw - to sink, go down
  29. οψιας
  30. ποικιλαις
    poikilos - various, diverse
  31. νοσοις
    nosos - disease, sickness (prognosis)
  32. πρωι
    in the morning, early
  33. εννυχα
    ennukos - while it is still dark, twilight
  34. λιαν
    much greatly exceedingly
  35. κατεδιωξεν
    katadiwkw - to follow hard upon, to track, search for, follow perseveringly
  36. αλλαχου
  37. κωμοπολεις
    kwmopolis - a large village town
  38. γονυπετων
    gonupetew - to fall upon one's knees
  39. εκτεινας
    exteinw - to stretch out, to lay hands on
  40. ηψατο
    'aptw - pr. to bring into contact, fit, fasten; light, kindle
  41. εμβριμησαμενος
    embrimaomai - to be greatly agitated, to charge or forbid sternly, be indignant, to censure
  42. προσεταξεν
    prostassw - pr. to place or station at or against, to enjoin, command, direct
  43. διαφημιζειν
    diafhmizw - to report, proclaim, publish, spread abroad
  44. παντοθεν
    from many places, all around, all sides

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