Image Acquisition and Evaluation

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  1. How is SID related to exposure rate and image density?
    As SID increases, exposure decreases and image density decreases
  2. Foreshortening of an anatomic structure means that
    it is projected on the IR smaller than its actual size
  3. 100 lead strips 4 in apart and .25 thick?
    4/.25 H/D formula is used for these type of questions and there's a few of them too. They always give three numbers and one you don't need .
  4. Primary controlling factor of quantity
  5. If a radiology dept processes a total of 1240 films during 2 weeks what is their repeat rate for the month?
  6. The grid radius is best described as?
    Grid focus distance
  7. Wide latitude before the LUT (look up table) is applied will show?
    low contrast
  8. Measures image quality?
    Half valve layer
  9. Area of image object 10in with a magnification factor of 2?
    20 inches
  10. Compression bands help increase?
  11. Brightness of a digital image effects?
    Visibility of detail
  12. Imaging plate of planer detects grossly exp saturation?
    Loss of contrast
  13. To see a change in density a change of mAs must be changed to?
  14. Low kVp will give you?
    A short scale of contrast
  15. Magnification radiography is?
  16. reproduces sharpness of actual object?
    Modular transfer function
  17. processing algorithm represents?
    Part and projection of anatomy being radiographed
  18. Del size deals with?
    Spatial resolution
  19. Unsharpened edges shows?
  20. film emulsion is most sensitive?
    After exposure
  21. Grid cut off due to off centering?
    An overall loss of density
  22. The range of SID that may be used with a focus grid is called?
    grid radius
  23. An artifact that spans the length of the film?
    Guideshoe out of adjustment
  24. As beam restriction becomes tighter?
    Density decreases
  25. The relationship between kVp and density may be described as?
    Direct, although not proportional
  26. What factor is a 12:1 grid ratio?
  27. Useful density ranges?
    .25 to 2.5
  28. Best type of grid to clean up scatter?
    Cross hatched grid
  29. Slow screens give better detail it will list different speeds.
    Answer is 50
  30. At what kVp should you use a grid?
    60 kVp
  31. You could have decreased density on a radiography from?
    Dirt in the cassette
  32. Relative humidity for x-ray film storage?
  33. Doing what to a film would give you a black crescent moon?
    Bending it
  34. Doing a HIP portable and the cassette is misaligned it would show?
    Shape distortion
  35. Main purpose of the line focus principle?
    Decrease the effectiveness
  36. One question you sell has something it asked and if you see carbon dioxide its the only question like it that's the answer.
    One question you sell has something it asked and if you see carbon dioxide its the only question like it that's the answer.
  37. Wedge filter towards the thinner anatomy/ decrease tissue density
    Wedge filter towards the thinner anatomy/ decrease tissue density
  38. LAT lumbar you only selected the outer cells your image would be?
    Insufficient density
  39. Which pathologies would require an increase in technique?
  40. when would you use a small focal spot in a particular type of radiography?
    Magnification radiography
  41. which of the changes will produce a radiograph with higher contrast when using AEC?
    Decrease kVp
  42. Base+Fog should be measure when performing densitometry test on?
    Any unexposed part of a film
  43. Foreshortening of an object is?
  44. Which of the following imaging procedures most likely use a high kVp?
    barium swallow
  45. If it is desirable to increase radiographic contrast a radiographer might try?
    More collimation
  46. Controls shape distortion?
    Beam part film alignment
  47. Unit of measure used to describe resolution?
    Line pairs per millimeter
  48. The recorded detail in image may be enhanced by?
    small focal spot
  49. What radiographic technique adjustment for most advance destructive pathological conditions would you use?
    Decrease mAs by 30%
  50. In which equal volume of tissue least amount of absorption occurs when the body is exposed to x-rays?
  51. Excessive developer can give you?
    Decreased contrast and increased density
  52. Large focal spot size can give you blur
    Large focal spot size can give you blur
  53. The number of grid lines is the grid frequency
    The number of grid lines is the grid frequency
  54. densitometer measures?
  55. During the latent film dealing with the sensitivity spec?
    Gurney Mott theory
  56. Decrease the production of scatter?
    Decrease KVP
  57. The table buck shows grid lines?
    The grid frequency in the table is to low
  58. If the field size increase with all factors consistent the scale of contrast would be?
  59. primary responsible for contrast?
  60. Film that is sensitive to the color of light?
    Spectral matching
  61. What is the grid whose 25mm thick 1.6mm high and .10mm alum spacers?
    What is the grid whose 25mm thick 1.6mm high and .10mm alum spacers?
  62. Which demonstrates an off focus grid cut-off?
    both sides are unexposed
  63. For a dorso plantar foot projection what type of filter would you use?
    wedge filter
  64. To help excessive size distortion what would you do?
    increases SID
  65. Part of the processing that leaves the most artifacts?
    transport system
  66. The most numerous crystal?
    silver bromide
  67. Which of the following types of static does pulling a sheet of film from the box to quick?
    Tree static
  68. Which body type produces the greatest contrast?
  69. What exp factors will have a long scale of contrast w/o altering density?
    300 Ma 1/20 70 kvp
  70. What is the milliamperage setting at mas 40 and ms 50?
    800 ma (there is a bunch of these kinds of questions so know how to find the seconds or ma)
  71. Line focus principle has to do with?
    Anode heel effect
  72. Which pathology would require an increase in technical factors?
  73. Excessive filtration will have what affect on an image?
    reduced contrast
  74. Shape distortion can be cause be?
    tube angulation
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