Bentleys Entrees

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  1. Ribeye
    20 oz Ribeye, grilled asparagus, bacon cheddar whipped potatoes, borderlaise sauce.
  2. Veal Chop
    16 oz chop, sauteed winter vegetables, truffle whipped potatoes, Marsala sauce.
  3. Filet Mignon
    Roasted fingerling potatoes, pearl onions, wild mushroom, spinach leaf, red wine reduction and bearnaise mousseline.
  4. Chateaubriand
    18 oz tenderloin for two, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes dauphinoise, bordelaise.
  5. Steak au Poivre
    16 oz pepper crusted New York strip. haricot vert, cippolini onions, cognac cream sauce. NO STARCH LISTED
  6. Mixed Grill
    Australian Lamb Chop, Bison Hanger Steak, Filet Mignon, root vegetables, bamboo rice cake, bordelaise.
  7. Bourbon Filet Mignon
    12 oz filet marinated in bourbon, twice baked potato, baby carrots, truffle bordelaise, flambeed table side with Bookers bourbon.
  8. Lamb Chops
    Herb mustard crusted Australian Lamb Chop, wild mushroom risotto, truffle bordelaise. NO VEGETABLE LISTED
  9. Holland Dover Sole
    Bonne Femme with root vegetables, risolle potatoes with lemon caper beurre blanc
  10. Stuffed Shrimp Provencal
    Lump crab meat, sauteed julienne vegetables, risolle potatoes, tomato beurre blanc.
  11. Plaza Salmon
    French lentils, baby carrots and port wine reduction. PUREE NOT LISTED
  12. Alaskan Red King Crab Legs
    One and a half pound split crab legs with drawn butter, mashed potatoes and asparagus.
  13. Stuffed Lobster Tail
    Three cheese potato cake, sauteed baby carrots and haricot vert. Lemon butter sauce.
  14. Combinations
    8 oz filet and seafood of choice shrimp scampi, lobster tail, crab legs or oscar. Whipped potato, spinach, bordelaise. (unless choice is oscar, comes with asparagus and bearnaise.)
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