Anatomy Practicle 2

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  1. muscle. top layer
    external abdominal oblique
  2. muscle. second layer.
    internal abdominal oblique
  3. muscle. horizontal
    transversus abdominis
  4. muscle. straight up.
    rectus abdominis
  5. by inguinal. white. thick
    spermatic cord
  6. top of liver. mesh like
    falciform ligament
  7. edge of falciform ligament
    ligamentum teres hepatis
  8. stomach regions
    • cardia
    • fundus
    • body
    • pylorus
  9. narrow section after stomach
    pyloric sphincter
  10. horizontal colon
    transverse colon
  11. hole under portail triad
    epiploic foramen
  12. big right organ
  13. green organ under liver
  14. first part after stomach
  15. intestines located LUQ
  16. narrow section before cecum
    ileocecal junction
  17. dark. inflates. RLQ
  18. under cecum
  19. intestines going up
    ascending colon
  20. intestines going down
    descending colon
  21. big. s shape
    sigmoid colon
  22. waves in colon
  23. bright red organ. triangular
  24. attached to lesser curvature
    lesser omentum
  25. attached to greater curvature
    greater omentum
  26. portail triad contains
    • proper hepatic artery
    • portal vein
    • common bile duct
  27. used to be common hepatic artery
    proper hepatic artery
  28. goes to right of celiac trunk
    common hepatic artery
  29. gastroduodenal branch
    comes from stomach to duodenum
  30. top trunk
    celiac trunk
  31. goes to left coming from celiac trunk
    splenic artery
  32. cut. going up from celiac trunk
    left gastric artery
  33. white vessels supplies midgut
    superior mesenteric artery
  34. cut string hanging
    middle colic artery
  35. supplies hindgut
    inferior mesenteric artery
  36. other side of IMA
    left colic artery
  37. bottom. straight up. was IMA
    superior rectal artery
  38. vein going up. flat wide
    portal vein
  39. right side comes from portal vein
    superior mesenteric vein
  40. left side. comes from portal vein
    inferior mesentaeric vein
  41. top of H vein going to the left
    splenic vein
  42. vessels attached to kidneys
    • renal vein
    • renal artery
  43. thin attaches to renal vein
    left testicular vein
  44. hole inside duodenal cap
    major duodenal papilla
  45. green tube by liver
    common bile duct
  46. white tube found in female
    pancreatic duct
  47. kidney structures
    capsule, cortex, medulla, renal columns, renal pyramids, major calyx, minor calyx, renal pelvis
  48. side muscle
    iliacus muscle
  49. where aorta bifurbicates
    common iliac artery
  50. iliac arteries going in
    internal iliac artery
  51. common iliac arteries going out
    external iliac artery
  52. spongie part of penis
    corpus spongiosum
  53. meatie part pf penis. two circles.
    corpora caversosa
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