Fluids Exam 1

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  1. Fluid
    • Moves continuously when you apply a shear
    • -flow
    • -amorphous
    • -no structural strength
  2. Continuum Assumption
    All matter is continuous (made up of many common molecules) such that the molecular nature can be ignored
  3. When the Continuum Assumption is valid.
    Valid for all fluids where a sufficient number of molecules exist to obtain statistical values of fluid properties (pressure, temperature, etc)
  4. Bulk Modulus of Elasticity
    Tells how compressible a fluid is; the bigger the bulk modulus is, the less compressible it is.
  5. Cavitation
    Thermodynamic boiling; decrease pressure and formation of bubbles and then immediate implosion; generally caused by increase in velocity
  6. Viscosity
    Shear stress resistance to deformation; is a function of the rate of deformation
  7. Newtonian Fluid
    If the viscous stresses that arise from its flow, at every point, are proportional to the local strain rate — the rate of change of its deformation over time
  8. Non-Newtonian Fluid
    Properties differ than those of a Newtonian Fluid (shear thinning, shear thickening)
  9. No Slip Condition
    A fluid in contact will a solid surface has the velocity of the surface at the point of contact.
  10. Surface Tension
    Intensity of molecular attraction (energy per area)
  11. Fluid Statics
    Fundamentals: Pressure at a point in a fluid at rest or in motion is independent of direction (as long as no shearing stresses are present)
  12. Surface Forces
    Pressure, Shear Stress, etc.
  13. Body Forces
    Gravity, magnetic, electrical fields
  14. Buoyancy
    Force due to an imbalance in pressure
  15. Bernoulli Assumptions
    • Steady
    • Incompressible
    • No heat
    • Streamlines
    • Inviscid
    • No Work
  16. Stagnation Pressure
    Pressure if you force the velocity to 0 along a streamline
  17. When you can assume inviscid
    if you are far away from the boundary and not in contact with an object
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