Anatomy Lecture Test 2

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  1. two pouches in female reproductive organs
    • 1 rectouterine pouch-bw rectum and uterus
    • 2 vesicouterine pouch-bw bladder and uterus
  2. three parts of broad ligament of the uterus
    • mesovarium
    • mesosalpinx
    • mesometrium
  3. commects anterior ovary with posterior layer of broad ligament. attaches the ovary without actually containing it
  4. suspends the uterine tube
  5. below the mesosalpinx and mesovarium
  6. extends from ovary to uterus below uterine tube through the borad ligament
    ovarian ligament
  7. carries ovarien blood supply
    suspensory ligament of the ovary
  8. fibromuscular condensation of pelvic fascia from cervix and lateral vagina to pelvic walls
    • lateral cervical ligament of uterus
    • transverse cervical ligament or cardinal ligament
  9. ovarian blood supply
    ovarian artery: direct to abdominal aorta

    • ovarian vein:
    • Right to IVC
    • left drains to left renal vein
  10. only pouch in males
    rectovesical pouch
  11. contribute secretions to semen. lie inferior and lateral to ampullae of ductus deferens against base of bladder
    seminal vesicles
  12. located at neck of bladder. glandular tissue, smooth muscle, and fibrous tissue. also contributes secretion to semen
    prostate gland
  13. arteries supplied by the internal iliac artery
    • obturator artery
    • vaginal artery
    • middle rectal artery
    • uterine arrtery

  14. muscles of the pelvic cavity
    laterial wall: piriformis

    flor: levetor ani
  15. they assist in voluntary control of urination and defecation
    levator ani and coccygeus muscles
  16. Perineum has two triangles in males which are:
    urogenital triangle and anal triangle
  17. vascular erectile tissue. surrounded by dense tunica albuginea, impeding vesous return and maintaining erection
    corpora cavernosa
  18. vascular erectile tissue. permits passage of ejaculate
    corpus spongiosum
  19. space behind stomach
    omental bursa
  20. connect organs to body walls

    mesentary proper: mesentary of the small intestine
  21. Greater sac recesses
    • subprenic recess
    • subhepatic/Morison's puch
    • Paracolic recesses (gutter)
  22. arise from superior mesenteric artery L1
    middle colic artery
  23. arise from inferior mesenteric aretery l3
    • left colic
    • sigmoid 
    • superior rectal
  24. the nut cracker
    aorta and SMA

    • 3rd part of duodenum
    • Left renal vein
  25. Organs drained by Portal System
    • spleen 
    • pancreas
    • gallbladder
    • stomach
    • small and large intestines.
  26. aorta branches to body wall
    • inferior phrenic
    • median sacral
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