Chapter 17 Autonomic Nervous

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  1. Autonomic Nervous System
    visceral motor (smooth muscles of organs, cardiac muscle, glands)
  2. Visceral reflex arc
    • sensory > CNS > Visceral Motor > organs
    • ANS is the visceral motor
  3. 1st peripheral neuron of ANS
    pre-ganglionic axon, cell body in spinal cord or brain
  4. 2nd neuron
    post-ganglionic axon, cell body in autonomic ganglion, synapse with target cells/organ
  5. Sympathetic
    T1-L2; emergency, excitement, exercise
  6. Parasympathetic
    cranial nerves, sacral nerves; refuel, removal
  7. Sympathetic (exit CNS, response, branching, postganglionic axons, ganglion location, cell body locations)
    T1-L2, widespread, lots of branching, long axons, near CNS, cell bodies in the LATERAL HORN T1-L2
  8. parasympathetic (exit CNS, response, branching, postganglionic axons, ganglion location, cell body locations)
    CN and sacral n., very local, very little, short axons, near the effector, brain stem and sacral spinal cord
  9. Neurotransmitter in sympathetic
  10. Neurotransmitter in parasympathetic
  11. Parasymathetic nerves
    III, VII, IX, X (cranial nerves); S2-S4 (sacral spinal nerves)
  12. CN III in parasympathetic
    oculomotor nerve, pupil constriction to IRIS, focus to CILIARY MUSCLE
  13. CN VII in parasympathetic
    facial nerve; tears to lacrimal gland, saliva to submandibular and sublingual glands
  14. CN IX in parasympathetic
    glossopharyngeal nerve; saliva to parotid gland
  15. CN X in parasympathetic
    Vagus nerve, to all organs between thorax and abdomen
  16. Intramural ganglia
    in walls of effector organs, parasympathetic
  17. S2-S4 of parasympathetic
    spinal nerves; pelvic nerves; to urinary, reproductive, large intestine and rectum
  18. Symathetic division levels
  19. Preganglionic neurons
    Cell bodies in lateral horn, axons in ventral root; sympathetic
  20. autonomic ganglia
    cell bodies of post ganglionic neuron, contains pre- and post-ganglionic neuron synapses
  21. White ramus communicans
    to ganglion, pre-ganglionic axons
  22. Gray ramus communicans
    from ganglion, post-ganglionic axons
  23. Superior cervical ganglion
    to head; part of the sympathetic trunk
  24. middle cervical ganglion
    to salivary, heart; part of the sympathetic trunk
  25. inferior cervical ganglion
    to hear, part of the sympathetic trunk
  26. lumbar ganglia
    to abdomen, part of the sympathetic trunk
  27. thoracic splanchnic nerves
    to abdominal organs, proximal large intestine, sympathetic
  28. lumbar splanchnic nerves
    to pelvic organs, distal large intestine; sympathetic
  29. Adrenal medulla
    inner part of adrenal gland, secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine
  30. chromaffin cells
    postganglionic sympathetic cells of the adrenal medulla
  31. Hypothalamus
    integrates ANS function. Limbic system - emotions; Cerebral cortex - thoughts
  32. Sympathetic functions
    Heart rate +; respiratory rate +, iris dilate, blood vessels muscles +, blood vessels skin -, adrenal medulla +, sphincters contract, bladder relaxed
  33. Parasympathetic functions
    Heart rate -; respiratory rate -, iris contract, sphincters relax, bladder contract
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