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  1. Connection Oriented Communication
    Definition:  Reliable transport dictates a connection-oriented session be created to communicate w/ another device.

    Advantage:  buffering, windowing, congestion avoidance

    Disadvantage: congestion

    Keywords:  3-way handshake, not ready, acknowledgement, virtual circuit.  
  2. The Data Link Layer
    Definition:  Layer 2 of the OSI reference model.  Provided the physical transmission of data and handles error notification network topology and flow control.

    Advantage:  ensures messages are delivered to the proper device.

    keywords:  harware address, mac frames, header
  3. Flow Control
    Defined:  connection-oriented system delfvered segments are acknowledged, unacknowledged segments are retransmitted, sequencing and manageability

    Advantage: avoids congestion, overloading, and data loss

    Disadvantage: slow

    keywords:  tcp, layer 4, sequencing, segments, transport, Layer 2
  4. Transport Layer
    Definition :  Layer 4, segments and reassembles data into a data stream.  Can establish a logical connection between hosts

    Advantages:  provided more options for app develpers b/c they have a choice of TCP or UDP

    KEYWORDS: end-to-end, TCP, UDP, Connetionless, connecion-oriented, segments.
  5. Presentation Layer
    Defined:  Layer 6, Presents data to the application layer and is responsible for data translation and code formatting

    advantage: ensures data transferred from one system application layer can be read by another system's application layer

    keywords:  translator, coding, ASCII, encryption, compression.
  6. Session Layer
    Defined:  Layer 5, responsible for setting up, managing, and tearing down sessions between presentation layer entities. 

    Advantage: keeps app data seperate from other app data

    keywords:  nodes, simplex, half duplex, full duplex, seperate
  7. Application Layer
    Defined:  Layer 7, the spot where users actually communicated to the computer when access to the network will be needed soon

    Keywords:  resources, remote, interface, email,
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