Chapter 14,15 Central Nervous System

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  1. spinal cord ends
    at L2 vertebra
  2. Conus medullaris
    end of spinal cord
  3. filum terminale
    • pia beyond conus medullaris
    • attaches to coccyx
  4. Cervical enlargement
    thickened for nerves to UE
  5. Lumbar enlargement
    thickened for nerves to LE
  6. Cauda equina
    nerves inferior to spinal cord
  7. Dura mater
    attach to foramen magnum and coccygeal ligament
  8. Arachnoid mater
    contains CSF in subarachnoid space
  9. Epidural space
    between dura and vertebra
  10. Gray matter in the spinal cord contains...
    • cell bodies
    • interneurons
    • synapses
  11. White matter in the spinal cord contains...
    • myelinated axons
    • up and down spinal cord
  12. Central canal
    continuation of the 4th ventricle in the spinal cord
  13. Dorsal gray matter in spinal cord..
  14. Ventral gray matter in spinal cord....
    motor cell bodies
  15. Ventral white matter in spinal cord
    motor tracts
  16. dorsal white matter in spinal cord...
    sensory tract
  17. Ventral nerve root...
    peripheral motor neuron
  18. dorsal nerve root
    peripheral sensory neuron
  19. integration center of the gray matter
    • connect sensory and motor neurons
    • connect brain and periphery
  20. Anterior (ventral) horns of the gray matter
    • somatic motor
    • cell bodies of motor neurons
  21. Posterior (dorsal) horns
    • interneurons
    • terminal axon - sensory neurons
  22. Lateral horns
    • visceral motor
    • cell bodies of ANS neurons
    • T1-L2
  23. Posterior (dorsal) funiculus
    ascending sensory tracts of white matter
  24. Lateral funiculus
    ascending and descending tracts of the white matter
  25. Anterior (ventral) funiculus
    descending motor (mostly)
  26. Tract
    bundles of neurons (axons) in CNS
  27. Decussation
    crossover to other side of body
  28. Ascending tracts
    • sensory neurons to brain
    • from peripheral nerve
  29. descending tracts
    • motor neurons from brain
    • to peripheral nerve
  30. Commissural tracts
    Cross spinal cord
  31. Ascending tracts
    • touch, pressure, vibration, proprioception
    • to post-central gyrus, parietal lobe in the cerebrum
    • Synapse at medulla and thalamus
  32. Fasciculus
    ascending tract above diaphragm
  33. Fasciculus gracilis
    ascending tract below diaphragm
  34. Spinothalamic
    • ascending tract to thalamus
    • pain, temp
  35. Spinocerebellar
    • Ascending tract to cerebellum
    • Proprioception
  36. Corticospinal
    • descending pyramidal tract
    • motor for skeletal muscles
    • decussation in pyramids
    • anterior corticospinal and lateral corticospinal tract
    • Synapse with peripheral motor neuron at anterior horn
  37. Extrapyramidal
    Other descending tracts
  38. Dorsal root
    • Spinal nerve root
    • sensory neurons from periphery
    • cell bodies of sensory neurons
    • dorsal root ganglion
  39. Ventral root
    • Spinal nerve roots
    • Motor neurons to periphery
    • axon of motor neurons
    • Cell bodies of motor neurons
    • anterior horn
  40. Neural pathway
    • Peripheral nerve>
    • Spinal tract>
    • Brain areas, tracts
  41. 1st neuron of the sensory pathway
    • Peripheral sensory neuron
    • receptor
    • axon
    • dorsal root ganglion
    • into posterior horn
  42. 2nd neuron of sensory pathway
    • 2nd neuron of the sensory pathway
    • synapse at thalamus
  43. 3rd neuron of sensory pathway
    • neuron above thalamus
    • goes into the brain center
  44. Motor pathway
    • 2 neurons for skeletal
    • 3 neurons for autonomic
  45. Upper motor neuron
    • Descending tract
    • cell body at anterior horn of gray matter
  46. Lower motor neuron
    • cell body in anterior horn
    • goes through ventral root
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