Skeletal System Bones and Bone Tissue

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  1. Important functions of the skeletal system include
    protection of the brain and soft organs.
  2. A band of connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone is a(n)
  3. Ligaments attach
    Bone to Bone
  4. Chondroblasts produce
    Cartilage matrix
  5. The type of cartilage associated with bone function and development is
    Hyaline cartilage
  6. Perichondrium
    the connective tissue sheath of cartilage
  7. Cartilage Characteristics
    contains chondrocytes located in lacunae
  8. The proper sequence of events in bone repair is
  9. External Callus
  10. When blood calcium levels are low
    ostoclast activity increases.
  11. Which of the following is correctly
    short bone - carpal bone
  12. An example of a long bone would be
  13. An X-ray determines that Peter fractured the shaft of his humerus.  The break is in the _____________ of the bone.
  14. Which of the following membranes covers the surface of a mature bone?
  15. Some marrow of long bones is termed "yellow" marrow under normal conditions. The function of yellow marrow is to
    Energy Reserve
  16. Some marrow of long bones is termed "red" marrow. The function of red marrow is to
  17. Bone remodeling
    all of the above
  18. The medullary cavity is
    lined with an endosteum
  19. Collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite are the prumary constituents
    bone matrix
  20. The compression (weight-bearing) strength of bone matrix is due to the presence of
  21. Bone remodeling and repair
    Exposure of a bone to increased stress can lead to bone remodeling
  22. The cell type that is responsible for maintaining bone once it has been formed is the
  23. Which of the following cell types is responsible for breaking down bone matrix?
  24. The primary function of osteoblasts is to
    laydown matrix
  25. The remodeling of bone tissue is a function of
    osteoblast and osteoclast activity
  26. Which of the following is correctly matched?
    osteoclasts– responsible for resorption
  27. Which of the following is mismatched?
    parathyroid hormone – increases calcium loss in the kidneys
  28. Concellous bone tissue
    contains interconnecting plates called trabeculae
  29. A passageway connecting neighboring osteocytes
  30. Haversian systems
    are the basic units in compact bone tissue.
  31. The type of lamellae found in osteons (haversian systems) is
  32. Lamellar bone
    is organized into thin sheets of tissue.
  33. You would look for concentric lamellae
    around the central canal of an osteon.
  34. Intramembranous ossification
    forms the bones of the roof of the skull.
  35. Appositional
    on the surface of the bone.
  36. Arrange the following events in endochondral ossification in proper sequence:
    • (1) Cartilage model is formed
    • (2) Chondrocytes hypertrophy
    • (3) Cartilage matrix is calcified and chondrocytes die
    • (4) Blood vessels from the periosteum invade calcified cartilage bring in osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
    • (5) Osteoblasts deposit bone on the surface of the calcified cartilage the primary ossification center
  37. If an X-ray shows a black area in the region of the epiphyseal plate,
    the epiphyseal plate has not completely ossified
  38. Long bones grow in the length at the
    epiphyseal plate
  39. The longitudinal growth of long bones ceases when
    the epiphyseal plate is completely replaced with bone tissue.
  40. Image Upload
    • A.= Articular cartilage
    • B.= Epiphysis
    • C.= Epiphyseal lines
    • D.= Cancellous bone
    • E.= Diaphysis
  41. Image Upload
    • A.= Resting cartilage
    • B. = Poliferation zone
    • C.= Hypertrophic zone
    • D.= Calcification zone
    • E.= Ossification zone
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