Chapter 3: Building Blocks of Language

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  1. define language
    single dimension of human behavior that consists of three interrelated domains: content, form, use

    • form (phonology, morphology, syntax)
    • content (semantics)-vocab
    • use (pragmatics)-how we use the lang
  2. phonological development
    acquiring sensitivity to prosodic cues, develop internal representations of the native lang phonemes, and producing vowels and consonants intelligibility
  3. pragmatic development
    acquiring communication functions, developing conversational skills and developing sensitivity to extralinguistic cues (body lang, proximity, proper use of proper lang)
  4. morphological development
    acquiring inflectional morphemes and derivational morphemes
  5. syntactic development
    increasing utterance length, acquiring different sentence modalities and developing complete syntax
  6. semantic development
    building a lexicon, learning new words and organizing the lexicon for efficient retrieval
  7. when do phonological building blocks begin
    at birth if not before
  8. keys to building blocks
    • 1. using cues to segment streams for speech (intonation, pauses etc)
    • 2. developing a phonemic inventory
    • 3. becoming phonologically aware
  9. cues
    • parsing the stream of speech
    • infants use specific cues to parse speech stream into smaller units (words) and to separate simultaneously occurring speech streams
  10. prosodic cues
    • infants use their familiarity of word and syllable stress patterns strong-weak patterns or the rhythm of lang to break into the speech stream
    •     knowledge of word stress patterns
    •     knowledge of pausing
  11. infants also use ---------   ---------- to parse speech
    phonotactic cues
  12. phonotactic cues
    • sensitivity to the probability with which certain sounds occur both in general and in specific positons of syllables and words
    • knowledge fo probabilities and improbabilities is an important tool for the infant to segment novel words out of a continuous stream of speech
  13. phonological awareness
    • ability to attend to phonological units of speech through explicit or implicit analysis
    •     syllable counting
    •     identify rhyming words
    •     identify the first sound in a word
    •     initial sound elision (what is the word when we take away the b)
  14. phonemic awareness
    the bridge btw lang development and reading achievement, the written script represents phonemes by using letter to sound pairings for individual letters (B=/b/) and letter sequences (ough=/o/)
  15. what is the bridge between lang devep and reading achievement
    phonological awareness
  16. phonics
    teaches children the relationships between letters and sounds
  17. fast mapping
    rate at which children learn new words
  18. pragmatic development
    • acquiring the rules of lang that govern how lang is used in social interactions for instrumental purposes
    • aspects that emerge during early childhood:
    •     1 using lang for diff functions or intentions
    •     2 developing conversational skills
    •     3 developing......
  19. communication function
    intention behind every utterance reflects mental states, beliefs, desires, and feelings
  20. intentionality hypothesis
    children's development of form and content is fostered in.....
  21. conversational skills
    • conversations-exchanges with other
    • schemas-building blocks of cognition, internalized representations of the organizational structures of various events
    • conversational schema initiation and establishment of a topic, a series of contingent turns that maintain the topic and resolution and closure
    • joint attention-infants and caregivers focus attention on a mutual object the infant must coordinate her attention between her social partner and the object of interest
    •     provide child with early schematic representative of conversational organization
    • proto-conversations-highly scripted routine which focus on talking about what the object is
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