Hemodynamic- Strandness

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  1. What are the three components of Intravascular pressure?
    • 1- dynamic pressure produced by cardiac contraction
    • 2- hydrostatic pressure
    • 3- static filling pressure
  2. What is the equation for hydrostatic pressure?
    P= - (density x g x h)
  3. What can energy loss occur from?
    Viscosity or interia changes
  4. Poiseuille's simplfied equation:
    R = (8Ln / Pi r^4)
  5. Aprox. 90% of total vascular resistance results from what?
    flow through the arteries and capillaries
  6. What is a boundary layer?
    The portion of fluid flowing through a tube that is adjacent to the tube wall.
  7. When does flow separation occur?
    when tube geometry changes ( curvatures, change in pressure gradient, ect)
  8. What is the average blood flow in a normal leg?
    300- 500 mmHg
  9. Between the radius of a stenosis and the length of a stenosis, which has a greater effect on viscous energy loss?
    Radius of a stenosis
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