Environmental Restrictions

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  1. what is the AV operating temperature range?
    -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degree Fahrenheit) to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit)
  2. what is the maximum relative humidity the limit?
    95% RH non-condensing
  3. what is the maximum headwind component for the AV?
    20kts steady, gusting to 25 kts
  4. where should you refer to for maximum takeoff tailwind?
    refer to LAU nitrogen precharge pressure charts
  5. you are monitoring a TALS approach on final and have already selected LAND AV while having a 3 knot headwind, once you have reached 300 ft AGL you notice a 7 knot tailwind. what procedure in the autoland menu should you perform?
    wave off
  6. what is the maximum altitude limit of the AV?
    15,000 ft MSL
  7. while the AV is non-operational what is the limit for blowing sand and dust?
    up to the basic wind speed limits
  8. if you go to perform flight operations and find ice on your AV but the weather conditions are conducive for icing what should you do?
    remove all frost or AV prior to flight
  9. what is the temp range required  to operate the GCS?
    -32 degrees celsius (-25.6 degrees F) to 49 degrees celsius (120.2 degrees F)
  10. if you go to perform operations and you find snow or icing on your GDT what should you do?
    Operations prohibited, stow dish and antennas
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