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  1. empirical (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: To be guided by practical experience and not theory
    • SENTENCE: It is very important to be empirical and gather facts, not to speculate.
    • SYNONYMS: experimental, observational
    • ANTONYMS: hypothetical, theoretical gestate (v) 
  2. gestate (verb)
    • DEFINITION: To conceive and develop in the mind
    • SENTENCE: Jefferson admitted that the concept of free will had been gestating in his mind for a while.
    • SYNONYMS: n/a
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  3. paradigm (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A framework or model of thought; example
    • SENTENCE: Galileo's work triggered an important shift of paradigm for human thought.
    • SYNONYMS: archetype, model, standard
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  4. entrepreneur (n)
    • DEFINITION: A person who starts, organizes, and/or manages a business or enterprise
    • SENTENCE: Steve Jobs was a famous entrepreneur who founded Apple, Inc.
    • SYNONYMS: innovator
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  5. lucrative (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Very profitable
    • SENTENCE: One of the most lucrative college majors is computer science.
    • SYNONYMS: rewarding, money-making
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  6. extravagant (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Excessive and therefore lacking restraint
    • SENTENCE: The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is the world's most powerful and extravagant car.
    • SYNONYMS: indulgent, wasteful, fanciful
    • ANTONYMS: temperate, moderate, reasonable
  7. avarice (n) 
    • DEFINITION: Excessive desire for material wealth
    • SENTENCE: Philosophers have often condemned avarice. 
    • SYNONYMS: greedy, covetous
    • ANTONYMS: generous
  8. glut, plethora, surfeit (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A surplus
    • SENTENCE: Our landfills are filling up with a plethora of old computers, printers, TVs, and other consumer electronic goods.
    • SYNONYMS: overflow, extra
    • ANTONYMS: lacking, few, scarcity
  9. destitute, impoverished, indigent (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Very poor
    • SENTENCE: Oliver was a destitute child; he had no money. 
    • SYNONYMS: impecunious, penurious, penniless
    • ANTONYMS: affluent, rich, wealthy
  10. affluent, opulent (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Very wealthy
    • SENTENCE: Chris became affluent by learning how to become a successful stock broker.
    • SYNONYMS: rich, prosperous
    • ANTONYMS: poor, destitute, impoverished
  11. munificent (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Very generous
    • SENTENCE: Oprah Winfrey is a very munificent person; then again, when a person has that much money, one probably should be generous.
    • SYNONYMS: philanthropic, benevolent, magnanimous
    • ANTONYMS: stingy, greedy, miserly
  12. parsimonious (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Excessively cheap with money; stingy
    • SENTENCE: Ebeneezer Scrooge from "A Christmas Carol" is often thought to be the example of a parsimonious man.
    • SYNONYMS: greedy, miserly, avaricious
    • ANTONYMS: philanthropic, munificent, benevolent
  13. depreciation (n) 
    • DEFINITION: Any decrease or loss in value caused by age, wear, or market conditions
    • SENTENCE: The stock market crash of 1929 caused a severe depreciation in the value of stocks.
    • SYNONYMS: devaluation
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  14. remunerate (v)
    • DEFINITION: To compensate; to make payment for; to pay a person
    • SENTENCE: The President of the United States earns $400,000 a year -- not as high of a remuneration as one would think.
    • SYNONYMS: grant, pay, reimburse
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  15. accord (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A formal agreement
    • SENTENCE: In world affairs, nations will sign accords.
    • SYNONYMS: pact
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  16. enlighten (v) 
    • DEFINITION: To inform, instruct, illuminate, and thus remove darkness and ignorance
    • SENTENCE: Writers such as Voltaire enlightened European society by urging people to use science and reason.
    • SYNONYMS: educate, teach, elucidate
    • ANTONYMS: bewilder, confound, confuse
  17. appeasement (n) 
    • DEFINITION: The policy of granting concessions to maintain peace
    • SENTENCE: The mother used a piece of candy to appease her crying baby.
    • SYNONYMS: accommodation, peace offering, settlement
    • ANTONYMS: aggravation, annoyance, irritation
  18. nullify (v) 
    • DEFINITION: To make null; declare invalid
    • SENTENCE: South Carolina voted to nullify or invalidate the tariffs. 
    • SYNONYMS: abolish, cancel, invalidate
    • ANTONYMS: affirm, pass, validate
  19. triumvirate (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A group or association of three leaders
    • SENTENCE: The videogame console market is dominated by the triumvirate of Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Microsoft's Xbox 360. 
    • SYNONYMS: n/a
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  20. pretext (n) 
    • DEFINITION: An excuse; an alleged cause
    • SENTENCE: President Johnson used alleged attacks as a pretext to ask Congress for broader powers.
    • SYNONYMS: alibi, pretense, ploy
    • ANTONYMS: reality, truth
  21. watershed (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Describing a critical point that marks a change of course; a turning point
    • SENTENCE: The inauguration of Barack Obama was a watershed event in American history.
    • SYNONYMS: n/a
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  22. consensus (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A general agreement
    • SENTENCE: There is a consensus that American must develop new sources of energy. 
    • SYNONYMS: accord, concord, harmony
    • ANTONYMS: disagreement, discord, clash
  23. autocrat, despot (n)
    • DEFINITION: A ruler having unlimited power
    • SENTENCE: Kim Jong Il (or, as George W. Bush said, "Kim Jong 2") was an autocrat.
    • SYNONYMS: dictator, oppressor, tyrant
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  24. manifesto (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A public declaration of beliefs, policies, or intentions
    • SENTENCE: Marx's Communist Manifesto is one of the most famous works in the world.
    • SYNONYMS: announcement, proclamation
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  25. enfranchise (v) 
    • DEFINITION: To receive the right to vote
    • SENTENCE: The 26th Amendment enfranchised 18-year-old American citizens.
    • SYNONYMS: n/a
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
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