Post 3B Vocabulary

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  1. Unemployment
    실직 (실: Relating to 'failure' [실페] + 직: Relating to 'work' [퇴직])
  2. To be laid off/fired/become unemployed (Lit. "To suffer unemployment")
    실직을 당하다
  3. To become unemployed/to lose one's job
    (Refers to the moment of losing one's job i.e. when someone actually lost their job, not the current state of being unemployed)
  4. "My friend lost (his/her) job and (therefore) went bankrupt/became insolvent."
    "내 친구는 실직해서 파산했어요."
  5. "He lost his job/was laid off so he's looking for a job (position)."
    "그는 실직해서 일자리를 찾고있어요."
  6. "How long has it been since you lost your job/you've been unemployed?" (-시-)
    "실직한 지 얼마나 되셨어요?"
  7. Unemployed (adj.)/Unemployed husband
    실직한/실직한 남편
  8. To be unemployed (Lit. "To be in a state of unemployment")
    실직 상태 이다
  9. "He's been unemployed (Lit. "in a state of unemployment") for quite a long time."
    "그는 꽤 오랫동안 실직 상태 예요."
  10. ""He used to work/had worked before as a security guard but currently is unemployed."
    "그는 경비원으로 일했었지만 현재는 실직 상태 예요."
  11. An unemployed person/The unemployed
  12. "The word 'white hands' in Korea is not a good euphemism for/meaning a jobless/unemployed person."
    "'백수' 라는 말은 하국에서 실직자를 뜻하는 좋은 완곡어법이 아니에요."
  13. Unemployment (benefits)
    실직 수당
  14. To get/receive/collect/be on unemployment
    실직 수당을 받다
  15. "Since he lost his job now he is collecting unemployment."
    그는 실직해서 지금은 실직 수당을 받고있어요."
  16. Unemployment rate
    실직률 (/실징뉼/)
  17. To reduce the unemployment rate
    실직률을 줄이다
  18. The unemployment rate to increase/rise
    실직률이 상승하다
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