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  1. Nerve compressed by cervical rib or by Pancoast tumor of lung
    Lower trunk of brachial plexus (C8 - T1)
  2. Klumpke's palsy
    Lower trunk of brachial plexus (C8 - T1)
  3. Nerve compressed when using a crutch
    Radial n.
  4. Nerve compressed by supracondylar fractures
    Median n.
  5. Pronator teres syndrome (compression of nerve under pronator teres muscle at antecubital fossa)
    Median n.
  6. Fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus affects which nerve?
    Ulnar n.
  7. Nerve compressed in deep forearm
    Anterior interosseous n.
  8. Compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome
    Median n.
  9. Dislocated lunate causes compression of which nerve?
    Median n.
  10. Hook of hamate fracture messes up which nerve?
    Ulnar n.
  11. Nursemaid's elbow (subluxation of radius)
    Radial n. (deep branch)
  12. Nerve lesioned by midshaft fracture of humerus
    Radial n. in spiral groove
  13. Which nerve: Fracture of surgical neck of humerus; dislocation of humerus; intramuscular injections
    Axillary n.
  14. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Waiter's tip (Erb's palsy)
    Upper trunk

    C5 - C6 ---> Ax, Rad (ext); MC, Med, Uln (flexors)
  15. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Total claw hand (Klumpke's palsy)
    Lower trunk

    C8 - T1 ---> Ax, Rad (ext); Med, Uln (flexors)
  16. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Wrist drop
    Posterior cord

    C5 - T1 ---> Ax, Rad (ext)
  17. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Winged scapula
    Long thoracic nerve (C5 - C7)
  18. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Deltoid paralysis
    Axillary n. (C5 - C6)
  19. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Saturday night palsy (wrist drop)
    Radial n. (extensor; C5 - T1)
  20. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Difficulty flexing elbow, variable sensory loss
    Musculocutaneous n. (flexor; C5 - C7)
  21. Brachial plexus, which point:

    ↓ thumb function, "Pope's blessing," "ape hand"
    Median n. (flexor; C5 - T1)
  22. Brachial plexus, which point:

    Intrinsic muscles of hand, claw hand
    Ulnar n. (flexor; C8 - T1)
  23. Brachial plexus is protected from clavicle fracture by which muscle?
    Subclavius muscle
  24. Funny bone, which nerve?
    Ulnar n.
  25. Falling onto outstretched hand, which nerve?
    Ulnar n.
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