4th grade Social Studies Unit 6 Southwest Region Test

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  1. What two states in this region have the most oil?
    • Texas
    • Oklahoma
  2. What happened at the Alamo?
    260 volunteer fighters held off the 1500 men in the Mexican army for 13 days before losing to Mexico.
  3. Name 3 famous African American cowboys in this area in the 1800's...
    • Nat Love
    • Addison Jones
    • Bill Pickett
  4. Why did the Spanish first come to America?
    They were looking for cities of gold.
  5. What states make up the "Four Corners"?
    • Colorado,
    • Arizona,
    • Utah, 
    • New Mexico
    • (a place where you can be in all 4 states at the same time)
  6. What are the rolling plains of Oklahoma and Texas ideal for?
    Raising cattle and sheep since they have good land to graze.
  7. What is the only state in the region with a coastline?
  8. What popular site is 1 mile deep and 18 miles across?
    The Grand Canyon
  9. Name two big cities in Texas that grew as shipping industries...
    • Houston 
    • Galveston
  10. What is population density?
    The measure of the number of people who live in a certain area.
  11. What is population distribution?
    A map showing where in an area people live.
  12. In 1930 a drought changed the prairies of Texas and Oklahoma into a dry dusty mess known as this.
    The Dust Bowl
  13. Who owned this region before becoming a part of the U.S.A.?
  14. Who are the first inhabitants of this area?
    Ancestral Pueblo People
  15. What tribes descended from the Ancestral Pueblo People?
    The Hopi and Zuni tribes.
  16. Name one of the first settlements founded in 1607.
    Santa Fe (This is even before the pilgrims came to Plymouth)
  17. An African scout or guide from Morocco who came to help the Spanish explore this region is...
  18. A Spanish explorer who came to America in 1537 and wrote about finding much gold.
    Cabeza de Vaca
  19. An artist who loves to draw the natural beauty of this region.
    Georgia O'Keefe
  20. He invented the air conditioner in 1911 making this region a much more comfortable place to live...
    Willis Carrier
  21. Energy that comes from the sun...
    Solar energy
  22. Two important sites in Texas are...
    • The Alamo 
    • Johnson Space Center
  23. Two important sites in Arizona are...
    • The Grand Canyon
    • The Painted Desert
  24. A Spanish explorer who came to find the cities of gold.
  25. A long period of time with little or no rain...
  26. A high hill with a flat top...
  27. A Spanish word for village used to describe both people and homes of a specific area.
  28. A material found in rocks and sand used to make computer chips.
  29. An underground area of rock, sand, and gravel that contains water...
  30. A sun baked clay brick...
  31. A hill with a flat top that is smaller than a mesa...
  32. A deep valley with steep rocky walls...
  33. Natural Resources found in the Southwest region are...
    • Petroleum
    • gold
    • silver
    • copper
    • cotton
    • sheep
    • cattle
    • trees
    • wheat
  34. Cultural events and holidays celebrated in this region are...
    • Powwows (when the Hopi pray for rain in Aug.)
    • Cinco de Mayo (Mexico's Independence Day)
    • March 2nd (Texas Independence Day)
  35. Two major river running through this region are...
    • The Colorado River (starting in the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico)
    • Rio Grande
  36. What products come from petroleum?
    • Heating oil
    • gasoline
    • paints
    • plastics
  37. The capital of New Mexico...
    Santa Fe
  38. The capital of Texas...
  39. The capital of Oklahoma...
    Oklahoma City
  40. The capital of Arizona...
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