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  1. Qualified Foreign Language Interpreter
    A qualified bilingual person who the Department authorizes as an interpreter to listens to a communication in one language and orally converts to another language while retaining the same meaning.
  2. Qualified Foreign Language Translator
    A qualified bilingual person who the Department authorized as a translator to replace written text from one language with equivalent written text in another language.
  3. Qualified Sign Language Interpreter-
    A qualified person who the Department authorizes to accurately signs to a hearing impaired person what is being spoken by another person, and voice to a hearing person what is being signed by the individual who is hearing impaired.
  4. Foreign Language Interpreters and Translators shall not provide counseling, legal advice, or perform any other role that deviates from accurate and precise interpretation or translation.
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  5. All districts and other work locations open to the public must have a Free Interpretation Poster for public display to inform individuals that the Milwaukee Police Department offers free interpretation and translation services for individuals with limited English proficiency. The poster will be displayed in English, Spanish, and---------.
  6. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE SERVICES. AMERICAN RED CROSS Interpreters in----- languages are available on a 24-hour basis through a volunteer service (414-342-8680).
  7. Prior to application for a search warrant and again before execution, the HIDTA Watch Center and ACISS, shall be utilized for deconfliction for the address and suspect(s). The HIDTA or Intelligence Fusion (IFC) Watch Centers can be contacted at (414) 220-4773 Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. The IFC Watch Center can also be contacted on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If the HIDTA or IFC Watch Centers are unavailable for deconfliction, the application and execution of a warrant can proceed with deconfliction through-------.
  8. The requesting supervisor or shift commander must submit a Search Warrant Risk Assessment Form (--------) and a Search Warrant Briefing Report (-------) to a TEU sergeant or lieutenant via Department e-mail
  9. In cases where a scene has been secured by officers or detectives and a search warrant is needed for further investigation, the scene shall be “frozen” and a CIB supervisor shall be contacted to obtain a search warrant. These cases --------- any further risk assessment or TEU notification
    do not require
  10. ONLY a TEU sergeant or lieutenant shall determine the risk level of a search warrant.
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  11. The sergeant or lieutenant in charge of executing the search warrant and the -------- of the division or bureau which obtained the search warrant shall complete the Search Warrant Execution Form (PW-4E) and the after action report containing PW-3E, as well as in-depth statistical intelligence gathered from the execution of the warrant.
  12. The preliminary examination shall be commenced within 20 days after the initial appearance of the defendant if the defendant has been released from custody or within 10 days if the defendant is in custody and bail has been fixed in excess of --------. On stipulation of the parties or on motion and for cause, the court may extend such time.
  13. in regards to a preliminary proceedings (a) In this subsection, “child” means a person who is younger than------ years old when the preliminary examination commences
  14. Preliminary examination; hearsay exception.(1) Notwithstanding s.908.02, hearsay is admissible in a preliminary examination
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