Ch. 2 Theatre

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  1. stream-of-consciousness questioning
    asking whatever relevant questions pop into your mind in the course of a discussion
  2. Personal Digital Assistant
    a handheld computer used for making/keeping notes, schedules, phone numbers, and similar functions
  3. thumbnail sketch
    a small, quick, rough drawing, usually done in pencil, that shows the major outline, character, and feeling of the object but does not have much detail
  4. functional model
    a three-dimensional thumbnail sketch of the scenic design; normally built on a scale of 1/2 or 1/4 inch to 1 foot; usually made from illustration board, Bristol board, file folders or similar card-board; also known as a white model
  5. production model
    a scale model, similar to the functional model but fully painted and complete with all furniture and decorative props
  6. sound plot
    a list describing each sound cue in the production
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Design Process

The Design Process
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