Ch. 4 Theatre

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  1. picture frame stage
    a configuration in which the spectators watch the action of the play through a rectangular opening; synonym for proscenium-arch stage
  2. orchestra pit
    the space between the stage and the auditorium, usually below stage level, that holds the orchestra
  3. mike
    to place one or more microphones in proximity to a sound source (instrument, voice)
  4. mix
    to blend the electronic signals created by several sound sources
  5. balance
    to adjust the loudness levels of individual signals while mixing, to achieve an appropriate blend
  6. sound mixer
    an electronic device used to adjust the loudness and tone levels of several sources, such as microphones and recorded sources (computer files/tape playback equipment)
  7. grid
    a network of steel L beams supporting elements of the system used to raise and lower scenery
  8. fly
    to raise an object or person above the stage floor with ropes or cables
  9. batten
    a thick wooden dowel or metal pipe (generally 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter) from which are suspended scenery and lighting instruments
  10. loft blocks
    a grooved pulley, mounted on top of the grid, used to change the direction in which a rope or cable travels
  11. stage house
    the physical structure enclosing the area above the stage and wings
  12. head block
    a multisheave block with two or more pulley wheels, used to change the direction of all the ropes or cables that support the batten
  13. fly gallery
    the elevated walkway where the pin rail is located
  14. pin rail
    a horizontal pipe or rail studded with belaying pins; the ropes of the rope-set system are wrapped around the belaying pins to hold the batten at a specific height
  15. counterweight arbor
    a metal cradle that holds the counterbalancing weights used in a counterweight flying system
  16. loading platform
    a walkway, suspended just below the grid, where counterweights are loaded onto the arbor
  17. locking rail
    a rail that holds the rope locks for each counterweight set
  18. mask
    to block the audience's view--generally, of backstage equipment and space
  19. travel
    to move horizontally relative to the stage floor, as with a drape that opens in the middle and is pulled to the sides
  20. flat
    a framework, normally made of wood or metal; frequently covered with fabric or thin plywood, although a variety of other covering materials may be used
  21. hard teaser
    the horizontal elements of the false proscenium; usually hung from a counterweighted batten so that its height can easily be adjusted
  22. tormentor
    the vertical flats that form the side elements of the false proscenium
  23. show portal
    a false proscenium that visually supports the style and color palette of a particular production
  24. grommet
    a circular metal eyelet used to reinforce holes in fabric
  25. fly cyc
    a single drop, hung on a U-shaped pipe, that surrounds the stage on three sides
  26. scrim
    a drop made from translucent or transparent material
  27. lighting grid
    a network of pipes from which lighting instruments are hung
  28. hanging position
    a location where lighting instruments are placed
  29. dead hang
    to suspend without means of raising or lowering
  30. ratchet winch
    a device, used for hoisting, with a crank attached to a drum; one end of a rope or cable is attached to the drum, the other end to the load; turning the crank moves the load; a ratchet gear prevents the drum from spinning backward
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