Ch. 9 Theatre

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  1. mood
    the feeling of a play--comic, tragic, happy and so forth
  2. spirit
    the manner and style in which a play is presented to the audience
  3. mechanical perspective
    a drafting technique that provides an illusion of depth
  4. sight line
    a sighting extending from any seat in the house to any position on stage; used to determine how much of the stage and backstage area will be visible from that auditorium seat
  5. collage
    a picture made of various materials (e.g. paper, cloth) glued on a surface; can include drawn or photographic images as well
  6. photomontage
    a composite picture made by combining several separate pictures; can include nonphotographic images as well
  7. tracing paper
    translucent paper used for drafting
  8. card stock
    a thin cardboard, similar in thickness to 3x5 notecards and/or file folders
  9. backing
    flats, drops, or draperies on the offstage side of doors and similar openings to prevent the audience from seeing backstage
  10. ground row
    low, horizontal flats used to mask the base of cycs or drops; frequently painted to resemble rows of buildings, hedges, or similar visual elements
  11. center-line section
    a sectional drawing whose cutting plane is the center line of the stage and auditorium, showing the height of the various elements of the theatre; usually drawn in the same scale as the ground plan
  12. sight-line drawings
    a scale drawing (plan and section views) of sightings that extend from the extreme seats (usually the outside seats on the front and last rows of the auditorium) to any position on the stage; used to determine how much of the stage and backstage will be visible from specific auditorium seats
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