EMT-Chapter 26-Behavioral Emergencies

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  1. Behavioral Emergency
    • Abnormal behavior(actions)
    • During assessment, pay attention to:
    • -general appearance
    • -speech
    • -skin
    • -posture or gait
    • -orientation
    • -memory
    • -awareness
    • -body language
    • -perception
    • -mood
    • -judgement
  2. Anxiety
    A state of painful uneasiness.
  3. Phobias
    An irrational fear of specific things, places, or situations
  4. Depression
    Deep feeling of sadness, worthlessness, and discouragement
  5. Bipolar Disorder
    Wide swings between depression and elation; manic depressive disorder
  6. Paranoia
    A highly exaggerated or unwarrented mistrust or suspisciousness
  7. Psychosis
    A state of delusion in which a person is out of touch with reality.
  8. Schizophrenia
    A group of mental disorders characterized by distortions of the speech and thought, delusions, hallucinations, social withdrawal, and lack of emotional expressiveness.
  9. Suicide
    A willful act designed to end one's own life.
  10. Agitated Delirium
    A mental and physiological state of arousal usually characterized by extreme strength and endurance, tolerance to pain, hostility, and hyperactive behavior; also called excited delirium.
  11. Humane Restraints
    Padded soft leather or cloth straps used to tie a patient down to keep him from hurting himself or others
  12. Reasonable Force
    The minimum amount of force required to keep a patient from injuring himself or others.
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