Ch. 11 Theatre

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  1. technical production
    all organizational and procedural aspects of the construction, painting and operation of scenery and properties
  2. load-in
    the moving of scenery and associated equipment into the theatre and the positioning of them on the stage
  3. irregular flat
    a flat having nonsquare corners
  4. muntin
    a horizontal crossbar in a window
  5. mullion
    a vertical crossbar in a window
  6. mortise drill bit
    a drill bit housed inside of a square hollow chisel; used with a drill press to make square holes; available in a variety of diameters
  7. filler rod
    metal piece, of the same composition as material being welded, used to replace the metal lost during the welding process or to fill a hole or groove in the work
  8. two-handed welding
    a technique in which the torch or welding handle is held in one hand and the filler rod in the other
  9. arc
    an electric current that leaps the gap between two closely placed electrodes
  10. welding rod
    a rod, usually covered with flux, that serves as the positive electrode in arc welding
  11. single-hand welding
    a technique in which one hands holds the welding handle and the other hand is not used
  12. oxidation
    a chemical reaction between the metal and air that forms a very thin, discolored "skin" over the metal; this skin effectively prevents heat transfer and reduces the strength and conductivity of the joint
  13. solder
    a metal alloy of lead and tin
  14. show control
    the use of computer-controlled, motorized devices to shift scenery, almost always in view of the audience
  15. rail
    a top or bottom framing member of a flat
  16. stile
    a vertical side member of a flat
  17. toggle bar
    an interior horizontal framing member of a flat
  18. corner brace
    a diagonal internal framing member that helps keep a flat square
  19. jog
    a flat less than 2 feet wide
  20. 18-inch centers
    spaced 18 inches apart
  21. spackling
    a paste used to fill small holes in walls
  22. construction adhesive
    also called panel adhesive, an adhesive contained in a caulking tube; dispensed with a caulking gun. Available in a number of formulations for use in gluing wall panels to studs (wood to wood), Styrofoam to wood, wood to metal, and so forth.
  23. drywall
    Gypsum board typically used to cover interior walls in home construction. Normally 1/2 inch thick although other thicknesses are available
  24. sill iron
    a strap of mild steel attached to the bottom of a door flat to brace it where the rail has been cut out
  25. sweep
    a wooden curvilinear form, generally used to outline an arch or irregular form in door-and window-flat openings
  26. prime coat
    the first coat of paint applied to the flats, to develop a relatively uniform color and surface to the wall units
  27. stiffening batten
    a length of 1x3 attached to a multiflat wall unit to keep it from wiggling
  28. book
    to fold hinged flats together (so that they resemble a book)
  29. tumbler
    a 3/4-inch-thick-by-1-inch-wide (or 1x3) piece of stock used as a spacer when three or more flats are going to be booked
  30. header
    a small flat that can be placed between two standard-sized flats to create a doorway or window
  31. book ceiling
    two large flats about the same width as the proscenium arch, stored in a booked position in the flies; when needed to create a ceiling, they are opened and lowered onto the walls of the set
  32. joists
    parallel beams that support flooring
  33. 6-inch centers
    spaced 6 inches apart from the center of one item to the center of the next
  34. honeycomb paper
    a manufactured paper product with a hexagonal structure similar to a honeycomb
  35. laminating
    the process of giving thin pieces of wood together to make a thicker piece
  36. compound curves
    a surface that curves in more than one direction (like a ball) or changes the radius of its curve (like a playground slide)
  37. gusset
    a triangular piece of material used to reinforce a corner joint
  38. ply-metal
    refers to TEK screws specifically designed to attach plywood to metal. The flat head of the screw is typically driven flush with, or slightly into, the top surface of the plywood
  39. kit-cutting
    to cut all the individual pieces needed to make something before assembly is started--like a model airplane kit
  40. carriage
    the part of a stair unit that supports the tread and risers
  41. tread
    the horizontal surface of a stair
  42. riser
    the vertical face of a stair unit
  43. score
    to cut partially through
  44. handrail
    the part of the stair railing that is grabbed with the hand; supported by the banister and newel post
  45. banister
    the vertical member that supports the handrail of a staircase railing
  46. newel post
    the post at the bottom or top of a flight of stairs that terminates the handrail
  47. decking
    the covering surface of a structure on which people will walk
  48. shim
    scrap wood or metal used to raise adjacent parts so that they are level or fit together as needed
  49. step motor
    an electric motor whose movement consists of discrete angular steps rather than continuous rotation. Precision movement is achieved by programming the motor to run, in either direction, for a specific number of steps
  50. panel adhesive
    an adhesive production, such as Liquid nails, packaged in a caulking tube and intended to be dispensed with a caulking gun
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