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  1. permeate
    to pass into and penetrate throughout; to spread or diffuse into ; to pervade
  2. etymology
    the study of word origins, development and changes in accepted meaning; such a history of a word
  3. prevaricator
    one who evades the truth; a liar
  4. gyration
    revolving action around an axis; a whirling or spinning mortion
  5. nefarious
    wicked; vicious
  6. gregarious
  7. ostracized
    banished; excluded
  8. diurnal
    of the daytime; during the course of a day; daily
  9. officious
    forcing one's service or attention upon another; overly meddlesome or attentive
  10. stereotyped
    following a pattern; unoriginal; conventional; trite; formalized
  11. stilted
    stiffly formal; pompous
  12. askance
    disapprovingly; disdainfully; distrustfully; with a side glance
  13. inscrutable
    incapable of being searched into and understood
  14. insidious
    progressing harmfully but hardly noticed; deceitful in a subtle way; wily; treacherous
  15. insouciance
    lack of concern; state of being light hearted or carefree
  16. insulation
    nonconducting material which prevents passage of electricity, heat, etc; the act of insulating; the state of being separated or isolated
  17. intelligentsia
    the highly educated and cultured
  18. intercessor
    one who acts b/w 2 parties; a mediator
  19. intermin
    time between; meantime
  20. interstellar
    among the stars; between the stars
  21. interstices
    narrow spaces between things; small gaps
  22. intransigent
    refusing to come to terms; uncompromising; unyielding; one who acts in such a manner
  23. intrepid
    fearless; dauntless
  24. foment
    to arouse; to cause; to incite
  25. fortuitous
    happening by chance
  26. gourment
    one who appreciates and is a good judge of fine food and drinks
  27. aphorism
    a terse saying embodying truth; an adage; a maxim
  28. aplomb
    self assurance; self confidence; self possession; poise
  29. maudlin
    overly sentimental; emotionally silly
  30. apocryphal
    of uncertain authenticity; suspect; spurious
  31. appurtenances
    things added to a more important thing; supplementary equipment; accessories
  32. arabesque
    a gracefully elaborate design with interwoven lines; such a form in ballet or music
  33. archaic
    ancient;  outdated
  34. archipelago
    a sea with many islands; such a group of islands
  35. grandiloquent
    pompous in speech; bombastic; flamboyant
  36. pandemonium
    wild tumult; disorder on grand scale
  37. panegyric
    tribute; a speech of praise
  38. fraught
    teeming with; laden; full of
  39. fructify
    to make fruitful; to make productive
  40. arterial
    related to the tubes carrying blood from the heart; serving as a major carrier, channel or thoroughfare
  41. necar
    any very pleasant-tasting drink; the drink of the gods in mythology; plant secretion used by bees to make honey
  42. nemesis
    deserved punishment or its source; anything or anyone that always seems certain to defeat or frustrate
  43. nepotism
    favoritism shown to relatives, especially in job apointments
  44. niggardly
    not generous; stingy
  45. noisome
    harmful; offensive to smell; disgusting
  46. nomadic
    wandering from place to place; having no fixed location
  47. nominal
    in name only, not in fact; relatively trifling or quite small in value
  48. nonplussed
    baffled; confused; puzzled
  49. grotesque
    distorted; strangely ugly; outlandish; bizarre
  50. habiliments
    clothing; garb; attire
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