Croatian verbs - jesti, piti, trebati, morati, moće, htheti, smjeti.txt

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Croatian verbs - jesti, piti, trebati, morati, moće, htheti, smjeti.txt
2013-10-17 14:43:16
Croatian verbs

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  1. to need
  2. i need
    ja trebam
  3. you need (inf)
    ti trebaš
  4. he, she, it needs
    on, ona, ono treba
  5. we need
    mi trebamo
  6. they need
    oni, one, ona trebaju
  7. you / You need
    vi / Vi trebate
  8. (to) must
  9. I must
    ja moram
  10. you must
    ti moraš
  11. he, she, it must
    on, ona, ono mora
  12. we must
    mi moramo
  13. you / You must
    vi / Vi morate
  14. they must
    oni, one, ona moraju
  15. (to) can
  16. i can
    ja mogu
  17. you can
    ti možeš
  18. he can
    on, ona, ono može
  19. we can
    mi možemo
  20. you / You can
    vi možete
  21. they can
    oni, one, ona mogu
  22. to want
  23. I want
    ja hoću
  24. you want
    ti hoćeš
  25. he wants
    on, ona, ono hoće
  26. we want
    mi hoćemo
  27. you / You want
    vi hoćete
  28. they want
    oni, one, ona hoće
  29. I don't want
    ja neću
  30. you don't want
    ti nećeš
  31. he doesn't want
    on, ona, ono neće
  32. we don't want
    mi nećimo
  33. you / You don't want
    vi nećete
  34. they don't want
    oni, one, ona neće
  35. to be allowed
  36. I am allowed
    ja smijem
  37. you are allowed
  38. he's allowed
    on, ona, ono smije
  39. we are allowed
    mi smijemo
  40. you / You are allowed
    vi smijete
  41. they are allowed
    oni, one, ona smiju

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