Ch. 16 Theatre

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  1. focal length
    the distance from the lens at which the light rays converge into a point; for lenses used in stage-lighting instruments the focal length is most frequently measured in even inches
  2. plano-convex lens
    a lens with one flat and outward-curving face
  3. diffuse
    to soften the appearance of light by using a translucent filtering element to scatter the rays
  4. filament
    the light-producing element of a lamp; usually made of tungsten wire
  5. bulb
    the Pyrex glass or synthetic quartz container for a lamp filament and gaseous environment; synonymous with envelope
  6. microwatt
    one millionth of a watt
  7. spectrometer
    a device for measuring specific wavelengths of life
  8. gelled
    to put a color filter into a color frame and place it in the color-frame holder of a lighting instrument
  9. gel
    generic term referring to flexible (gelatin or plastic) color media
  10. roundel
    a glass color medium for use with striplights; frequently has diffusing properties
  11. zoom ellipse
    an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight with movable lenses that allow the focal length to be changed
  12. shutter cut
    the shadow line created by the edge of the shutter when it is inserted into the beam of light emitted by an ERS
  13. color frame
    a lightweight metal holder for color media that fits in a holder at the front of a lighting instrument
  14. gobo
    a thin metal template inserted into an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight to project a shadow pattern of light
  15. Dremel tool
    a hand-held router similar to a dentist's drill, which can be equipped with a number of bits for grinding, cutting, or carving of wood, plastic, and metal
  16. iris
    a device with movable overlapping metal plates, used with an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight to change the size of the circular pattern of light
  17. barn door
    an accessory for a Fresnel spotlight whose movable flippers are swung into the beam to control it
  18. funnel
    an accessory for a Fresnel spotlight that masks the beam to create a circular pattern; also called a snoot or a top hat
  19. shutter
    a lever-actuated device used to control the height of the top and bottom edges of a followspot beam; also called a chopper
  20. douser
    a mechanical dimming device used in followspots
  21. transformer
    a device that changes the voltage in an electrical system; the output voltage of a step-down transformer is less than its source; a step-up transformer increases it
  22. legitimate theatre
    refers to plays that rely on the spoken word to convey the message; does not include musicals, reviews, dance, opera, or concerts
  23. concert
    in this context, primarily refers to touring rock and country western shows
  24. club
    in this context, refers to night clubs in which high-energy music (live or recorded) is the prime attraction
  25. pan
    to rotate an object, such as an ERS, about its vertical axis
  26. tilt
    to rotate an object about its horizontal axis; to pan vertically; the instrument is suspended from a yolk, which allows the fixture to both pan and tilt
  27. step motor
    an electric motor whose movement consists of discrete, angular steps rather than continuous rotation. Precise movement is achieved by programming the motor to run, in either direction, for a specific number of steps
  28. heat sink
    a metal device that absorbs heat from an operating unit and dissipates it into the air
  29. line
    the wires in low-voltage control systems are frequently called "lines" rather than "wires"
  30. discrete
    separate and complete; in this case, pertaining to information represented by binary code
  31. multiplex
    • 1--to transmit two or more messages simultaneously on a single channel;
    • 2--to carry out several functions simultaneously in an independent but related manner
  32. front-of-house
    the area in an auditorium that is close to the stage
  33. fader
    a device, usually electronic, that effects a gradual changeover from one circuit to another; in lighting it gradually changes the intensity of one or more dimmer circuits; in sound, it changes audio circuits or channels
  34. glitch
    a computer/electronic term meaning a system malfunction or error
  35. volatility
    nonpermanence; in computers, a volatile memory will be lost if the computer loses its power supply
  36. hard drive
    a computer storage device. A spinning magnetic or optical disk on which data are stored and from which data can be retrieved
  37. floppy disk
    a thin plastic disk coated with metal oxide, used to record the information stored in a computer's memory
  38. crash
    in reference to hard drivers, to become inoperative. Data normally cannot be retrieved after this
  39. writable CD
    a compact disc on which data can be recorded and read by the user
  40. cassette tape
    audio recorder tape, used in computer storage
  41. microcassette tape
    audio recorder tape for use in small cassettes; used in computer storage
  42. channel control
    an electronic patching system in which one or more dimmers can be assigned to a control channel, which in turn controls the intensity level of those dimmers
  43. group
    the grouping of two or more dimmers/channels under one controller
  44. fade-in
    a gradual increase; in lighting, usually from darkness to a predetermined level of brightness; synonymous with fade-up
  45. fade-out
    a gradual decrease; in lighting, usually from a set level of brightness to darkness
  46. split time fade
    a fade-in in which the fade-up and fade-out are accomplished at different rates or speeds
  47. delay
    refers to the time interval that the second part of a split time fade follows the first
  48. cueing
    designing the light cues; manipulating, and recording, the distribution, intensity, movement, and color of the lights for each cue to create the appropriate look for that moment in the play
  49. two-fer
    an electrical Y that has female receptacles at the top of the Y and a male plug at the bottom leg of the Y used to connect two instruments to the same circuit
  50. work light
    a lighting fixture, frequently a scoop, PAR, or other wide-field-angle instrument, hung over the stage to facilitate work; generally not used to light a production
  51. drop box
    a small connecting strip, containing four to eight circuits, that can be clamped to a pipe or boom
  52. floor pocket
    a connecting box, usually containing three to six circuits, the top of which is mounted flush with the stage floor
  53. wall pocket
    a connecting box similar to a floor pocket but mounted on the wall
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