Ch. 17 Theatre

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Ch. 17 Theatre
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  1. aerial perspective
    an optical phenomenon in which objects that are farther away appear less sharply in focus and less fully saturated in color
  2. pop riveter
    a tool used to secure rivets in thin metal
  3. FEL lamp
    lamps made in the United States are designated with a three-letter code that specifies all design criteria such as wattage, voltage, filament and base type, color-temperature rated life, and so forth. FEL specifies a very specific 1000-watt lamp
  4. scenic projector
    a high-wattage instrument used for projecting large-format slides or moving images
  5. slide projector
    a reasonably high-output instrument capable of projecting standard 35 mm slides
  6. hot mirror
    a glass dichroic filter that reflects the infrared spectrum while allowing visible light to pass
  7. condensing lens
    a device that condenses the direct and reflected light from a source and concentrates it on the slide plane aperture of a projector
  8. objective lens
    a device to focus a projected image on a screen or other surface
  9. head
    a housing that holds scenic-projector lenses in fixed positions to project images of a specific size
  10. effects head
    a motor-driven unit capable of producing crude moving imaged with a scenic projector
  11. hot spot
    an intense circle of light created when a projector lens is seen through a rear screen
  12. heat welding
    the use of a heat gun (a high-temperature air gun, visually similar to a hand-held hair dryer) to fuse two pieces of plastic