Ch. 19 Theatre

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  1. hand
    the quality and characteristics of a fabric that can be evaluated or defined by a sense of touch
  2. wardrobe crew
    those crew members such as dresses and wardrobe-repair personnel who work during the dress rehearsals and performances
  3. breathes
    a term that defines a material's ability to transmit heat, air, and water vapor
  4. blend
    a combination of more than one type of fiber; they are created to take advantage of the best properties of all fibers
  5. hang out
    most wrinkles will disappear from the fabric if it is hung up
  6. hang tag
    the small label usually attached to the cardboard core of a bolt of fabric that indicates the percentages of various component fibers
  7. cotton linters
    the short hairs covering the cotton seed
  8. wale
    visible, usually narrow, ridges in the surface of a fabric caused by a variation in the weaving patterns
  9. setting
    to help lock the dye into the fiber of the fabric; to reduce or prevent the dye from being rubbed off the fabric
  10. unified aniline dye
    a coal-tar-derivative dye formulated to work well on both animal- and plant-derivative fibers
  11. French enamel varnish
    a mixture of dye and shellac; made by mixing alcohol-based leather dye (e.g., Fiebing's Leather Dye) with shellac that has been reduced (1:1) with denatured alcohol
  12. pressing cloth
    a cloth placed between the iron and the fabric being pressed
  13. canvas head block
    a block of material in the shape of a head, covered with canvas. Wigs are pinned to it for styling and storage
  14. wig cap
    a skull cap of thin, tight-fitting mesh material. Used to cover and compress the wig-wearer's hair
  15. bobby pin
    a hair pin made of springy flat metal wire bent in a tight U shape. The legs--one straight, the other wavy--touch each other and provide the clamping power to hold the hair in place
  16. hair pin
    a piece of round metal wire bent in a slightly opened U shape. Used with longer hair than bobby pins
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