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  1. when is stenting the answer for thromboes coronaries?
    2 vessel disease without DM
  2. when do you do echo instead of ekg for ischemic episodes
    • digoxin 
    • pacemaker
    • lbbb
    • previous mi
    • non specific st changes
  3. rx for asymptomatic spermatocele/epidermal cyst of testicel?
  4. complication of , and study needed in entamoeba histolytica infection
    abdo ultrasound to r/o liver abscess
  5. bacterial conjunctivits can be unitlateral and bilatral, rx
    erythromycin drops

    sulfa drugs
  6. most sensieivite test to pick up bone metastasis
    bone scan
  7. rx for gastric maltoma
    • antibiotics
    • sx if antibiotic h.pylori resistant or no h.pylori
  8. contraindication to cilostazol
    heart failure
  9. most common valve pathology that is asymptomatic
  10. who is at risk for congenital hip dysplasia
    • breech presentation
    • females
    • family history
  11. when do you give steroids for temporal arteritis
    symptoms of temporal arteritis + high esr
  12. direct inguinal hernia has a defect where
    posterior wall
  13. most accurate test for angiodysplia?
    • angiography
    • endoscopic ablation
  14. most common incidence of cancer in men and women
    • men--prostate, lung, colon
    • women--breast, lung , colon

    death is from lung, first in both sexes
  15. components of men 1
    men 2a
    • 1-pituitary
    • parathyroid
    • pancreas
    • 2
    • parathyroid
    • pheo
    • medullary thyroid
    • 3
    • medullary
    • mucoseanl
    • pheo
  16. rx for minimal change disease
  17. rx for umbilical cord prolapse
    emergency c section
  18. which type of c seciton is a contraindication to vaginal delivery, i.e has high risk of rupture
  19. dx of parotid tumor
    superficial or total parotidectomy
  20. 2 causes of thoracic outlet syndrome
    • anterior scalene muscle hypertrophy
    • cervical rib
  21. presentation of subclavian artery steal syndrome
    ischemia tot he brain when exercising the arm
  22. dx of polymyositis/dermatomyositis
    inclusion body myositis
    • ana, emg, biopsy
    • biopsy
  23. best initial dx for subclavian steal syndomre
    • check bp in arms
    • then duplex and possible angiography
  24. prinzmetal angina causes transient st segment elevation in what leads
    inferior leads---2, 3, avf
  25. wash out period for mao, ssr
    • 2 weeks
    • 4 weeks
  26. bilatral bronchopneumonia in a child, cause?
  27. which antipsychotic has no weight gain but qt
    weight gain and movement disorder side effect
    • ziprasidone
    • risperidone
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