Ch. 22 Theatre

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  1. matte
    dull, nonreflective
  2. life
    brilliance, visual depth, and sparkle
  3. gloss
    highly reflective, mirrorlike
  4. spine
    the relative stiffness of bristles; good watercolor bristles will flex easily but will also have enough spine to remain erect when fully saturated with paint
  5. illustration board
    watercolor paper mounted on a pressboard backing
  6. hot-press finish
    a slick, smooth texture achieved by pressing paper between hot rollers; this treatment leaves a thin layer of oil, which makes the paper unsuitable for use with transparent watercolor; works well with designer's grouache, acrylic, pencils, and markers
  7. cold-press finish
    a slight surface texture achieved by pressing paper between cold rollers; no oil residue results, so the paper can be used with transparent watercolor, designer's gouache, acrylic, markers, or pencils
  8. rough finish
    a pebble-grained texture achieved by cold-pressing with a textured roller or by other techniques; suitable for painted and pastel renderings having little intricate detail
  9. tooth
    a term used to describe the surface texture of a paper
  10. pixel
    a picture element; the smallest discrete part of an electronically projected picture, as on a computer monitor
  11. digitizing tablet
    an electromechanical device that converts the pressure of a stylus on a flat plate (tablet) into binary information that can be understood by the computer
  12. scan
    to use a digitizing scanner to convert existing artwork, photos, or drawings into binary information
  13. graphite
    a soft carbon similar to the lead in a pencil; sticks can be purchased in most art supply stores
  14. wash
    the covering of a relatively large area with a smooth layering of paint; a smooth wash consists of only one color; a blended wash is created by smoothly segueing from one color to another
  15. workable fixative
    a spray that seals colors in place; paint can be placed on top of it
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