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  1. white
    sugar is white
  2. red
    wine is red
  3. blue
    the russian flag is white, blue and red
  4. yellow
    cheese is yellow
  5. brown
    coffee with milk is brown
  6. black
    coffee without milk is black
  7. grey
    asphalt is grey
  8. green
    grass is green
  9. dark
    a brunette is a person with dark hair
  10. light
    grey is lighter then black
  11. old
    Santa Claus is an old man
  12. young
    William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet are young people
  13. middle-aged
    a person is not young and not old.The person is muddle-aged
  14. beautiful
    • the organ music of Bethoveen is beautiful
    • (о вещи или о женщине)
  15. handsome
    • the american actors Richard Gere and Tom Cruise are handsome men
    • (красивый - о мужчине)
  16. ugly
    • Hollywoods Freddy Kruger is a very ugly person
    • (уродливый)
  17. slim
    top models are slim women
  18. stout
    • you are slimmer than you friend. you friend is stouter than you
    • (полный)
  19. tall
    professional basketball is a sport for tall people
  20. short
    • you are toller than you friend. you friend is shoter than you
    • (низкий)
  21. cold
    ice is cold
  22. hot
    fire is hot
  23. warm
    the human body is warm
  24. heavy
    metal is heavier than plastic
  25. light
    plastic is lighter than metal
  26. big
    Africa is bigger than Australia
  27. large
    Eurasia is the largest continent
  28. small
    Australia is smaller than Africa
  29. little
    "Winnie-the-Pooh" and "Chipollino" are books for little children
  30. thick
    encyclopedias are thick books
  31. thin
    pocket-book usually is a thin book
  32. long
    Schwartsenegger is a long surname
  33. short
    Smith is a short surname
  34. wide
    Broadway is a long and wide street
  35. narrow
    Italian streets are very narrow
  36. round
    a compact disk is round
  37. square
    a computer diskette is square
  38. high
    the temperature of a boiling water is high
  39. low
    the temperature of ice is low
  40. suitable for
    a white shirt is suitable for a black suite
  41. useful
    a computer is one of the most useful things for people
  42. expensive
    platinum is one of the most expensive metals
  43. cheap
    clothers from China are quite cheap
  44. wrong
    the sentence "Peter are John's son" is wrong
  45. right
    the sentence "Peter is John's son" is right
  46. true
    "a banana is a kind of fruit" is true
  47. loud
    if a stereo system is at maximum, the sound is loud
  48. quite
    if a stereo system is at minimum, the sound is quite
  49. important
    a mother is the most important person for a baby
  50. good (better, the best)
    low inflaton is an endicator of a good economical situation
  51. bad (worse, the worst)
    sugar an sweets are bad for teeth
  52. pleasant
    For million of americans the coca-cola is the most pleasant drink anytime
  53. nice
    your friend are nice people
  54. pretty
    a pretty woman is a woman with pleasant appearance
  55. delicious
    sweets are the most delicious food for 99% of children
  56. modern
    pop,rock and techno are the kind of modern music
  57. new
    SMS is a new kind of mobile communication
  58. similar
    the colour of salt is similar to the colour of sugar
  59. necessary
    vitamins are necessary for children
  60. different
    the colour od lemon juice is different of the colour of tomato juice
  61. difficult
    Russian grammar is a very difficult for English and Americans
  62. simple
    Russian grammar is simple for Ukranians
  63. easy
    Russian grammar is easier for Ukranians because the Russian language is similar to the Ukranian language
  64. rich
    Bill Gates is the richest man in USA
  65. poor
    Indians are very poor
  66. great
    "The idiot" by Fyodor Dostoevsky is great book
  67. famous
    Michael Douglas is a famous Hollywood actor
  68. strong
    The famous boxers Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson are very strong men
  69. weak
    you are stronger than your friend. Your friend is weaker than you
  70. hard-working
    Japanese are very hard-working people
  71. lazy
    Russians are very lazy people
  72. clever (cleverer, cleverest)
    SAP consultans are very clever people
  73. itelligent
    Margaret Thatcher is a very itelligent woman
  74. stupid
    "stupid" is the antonym of "itelligent"
  75. happy
    the 99% of Hollywood films have a happy end
  76. sad
    "Romeo and Juliet" is a sad stiry about love
  77. honest
    a good partner in business is an honest partner
  78. interesting
    the famous book "Alice in Wonderland" is more interesting for parents than for children
  79. boring
    That film was a very boring
  80. funny
    Charlie Chaplin's film are very funny
  81. serious
    Charlie Chaplin's film are funny films about serious things
  82. angry
    The game "Angry birds" is my favorite game
  83. really
  84. slightly
    слегка, немного
  85. completely
  86. absolutely
  87. fairly
    довольно, весьма
  88. awfully
    очень, ужасно
  89. terribly
    очень, ужасно
  90. How are you
    как дела
  91. I'm very well/ I'm fine/ I'm OK
    Все в порядке
  92. Not bad
    неплохо (себя чувствую)
  93. Not so good
    неважно (себя чувствую)
  94. I see
    ясно, понятно
  95. It's all right
    все в порядке
  96. really ?
    неужели ?
  97. be sorry
    I'm sorry (мне жаль)
  98. in my opinion
    по моему мнению
  99. I think
    я думаю, я считаю
  100. be sure
    быть уверенным
  101. maybe
    может быть
  102. probably
    вероятно, возможно
  103. You are right/wrong
    вы правы/неправы
  104. of course
  105. for example
  106. such as
    такой как
  107. this
    this book is a text-book
  108. these
    these books are text-books
  109. that
    that book is a dictionary
  110. those
    those books are dictionares
  111. what
    what book is it ?
  112. what kind of
    what kind book is it ?
    what is that dress like
  114. what colour
    what colour is the suit ?
  115. how
    how long is this street?
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