Skin Lesions

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  1. Bulla
    A raised lesion greater than .5 cm in diameter that contains water and no pus. The plural is bullae
  2. Comedone:
    A plug of sebaceous and dead skin material stuck in the opening of a hair follicle. The follicle may be open (blackhead) or almost closed (whitehead).
  3. Fomite
    an inanimate object that can carry a disease and infect another person. Examples of fomites are hairbrushes, towels, utensils, doorknobs, stethoscopes, or clothing.
  4. Pruritis
    The medical term for itching
  5. Etiologic factors - skin lesion


    Physical injury (including factitial)

    Metabolic/ medication

    Allergic/ autoimmune

  6. Macule
    A change in skin color flat with the surface. Can’t be palpated 

    (1 cm or less)
  7. Papule

    0.5 cm in diameter or less

    No depth
  8. Nodule
    Papule with depth
  9. Vesicles
    Fluid-filled lesions Less than .5 cm

  10. Bulla
    Blister larger than .5 cm

  11. urticaria
    10-20% have hives in their lifetime

    Blood plasma leaks from vessels

    Allergic reactions degranulate mast cells
  12. Wheals
    Circumscribed, rounded, slightly elevated

    • Color: White to skin colored with red
    • margins
  13. plaque
    raised broad and palpable

  14. How to do a skin exam
    Start at the top

    Ask / reconfirm history of skin conditions

    Examine scalp

    Examine exposed skin

    Examine nails
  15. Dandruff
    hair lesion

    Fungal condition
  16. Hair cycle
    Anagen: the active growth phase of hair follicles.

    • Catagen: A short transition stage that occurs at the end of the anagen phase. It signals the end of the active growth of a hair. This phase lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks
    • while a club hair is formed.

    Telogen: The telogen phase is the resting phase of the hair follicle.
  17. Male baldness
    M shape 

    The crown bald patch eventually meeting the top points to form a horseshoe shape
  18. Alopacia areata
    • area of complete hair loss
    • loss of eyebrowns and lashes
  19. Pilar cyst - trichilemmal cyst
    Often multiple

    May be hereditary

    Similar to epidermal inclusion cyst

  20. (-) Dermatophytes tinea capitis
    • common in children 
    • fungal infection of the scalp
    • not dandruff
    • overactive sebaceous glands
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