Chapter 5 Study Guide

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  1. The entry into the U.S. for most immigrants from Europe
    Ellis Island, New York
  2. The money needed to run a business
    Capital Recources
  3. The entry place for most immigrants from Asia
    Angel Island, California
  4. A business that sells shares of stock to investors
  5. A person who takes a chance by opening up a business
  6. The steps that immigrants take to become U.S. citizens
  7. The economc system in which businesses have the freedom to offer as many kinds of goods and services for sale
    Free Enterprise
  8. To buy stock in a company hoping to make a profit
  9. Nearly complete control of and industry
  10. A crowded and poorly built apartment house
  11. A city where many trains and planes make stops on their way to many different destinations.
  12. The feeling some people have that makes them dislike members of another race or culture
  13. Person: made the production of steel a major industry in the U.S.
    Andrew Carnegie
  14. Person: Founded a settlement house that helped people living in Chicago
    Jane Addams
  15. Person: Wrote a book about African Americans moving to northern cities from the South
    Jacob Lawrence
  16. Person: invented the telegraph, a way of carrying messages along wires
    Sameul Morse
  17. Person: Organized groups of skilled workers into the American Federation of Labor
    Samuel Gompers
  18. Person: Built the world first skyscraper, in Chicago
    William Jenney
  19. Person: Formed the Standard Oil Company and gained almost complete control of the oil business
    John D. Rockefeller
  20. Person: Wrote a book about poor living conditions in New York City tenements
    Jacob Riis
  21. Many immigrants felt that becoming a U.S. citizen was very important. To become a citizen, an immigrant had to complete a series of steps. List the steps.
    • A. Live in the U.S. for 5 years
    • B. Pass a test in the government of the U.S. in English
    • C. Pledge an oath of allegiance to the U.S.
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